Man caught after robbing tourist in Rodney Bay with fake gun

Man caught after robbing tourist in Rodney Bay with fake gun
A wooden replica gun (not the one mentioned in the story).
A wooden replica gun (not the one mentioned in the story).
A wooden replica gun (not the one mentioned in the story).

With the help of citizens, police arrested a young man Monday night (Jan. 16) after he used a fake gun to rob a middle-aged female tourist in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet, an eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online.

The incident reportedly occurred around 9 p.m. near a popular restaurant, the source said.

The suspect reportedly pulled out a gun after his attempts to snatch the tourist’s bag were met with stiff resistance.

He fled the scene but the screams of the tourist captured the attention of several witnesses who gave chase and caught him soon after.

The angry citizens held the suspect until the police arrived.

Upon arrival, the lawmen retrieved the gun, but on closer inspection it was revealed that the ‘weapon’ was a wooden replica.

The suspect, believed to be in his 20s, was taken into custody.

Meanwhile, the tourist, believed to be an American, was not injured, but she appeared visibly shaken by the attack.

Sources from the Gros Islet Police Station confirmed that the incident occurred but could not provide details at the time.


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  1. I am the tourist who was attacked in this incident and when the fake gun was thrust in my face I reacted by screaming loudly before letting go of my handbag . The thief then ran off with it. If the gun had been real I may well have been shot so resistance may not have been a good thing - it was very frightening and not easy to think clearly in the circumstances. We were staying in a nearby hotel where the staff could not have been more fantastic to us after the incident and I thank from my heart all the people who came to my assistance. We have been visitors to St Lucia for 8 years - we love your beautiful island , especially the Lucian people and we will continue to return. The person involved was given 8 weeks in prison - I don't know his name as I didn't attend court but as he didn't attempt to actually hit or harm me and seemed truly regretful, I would rather that he be released early in the hope of teaching him a lesson without ruining his life.


    • Well how lovely that you took the time to write this. As we said we were not there when you actually got attacked , but we we're walking past the Keebeas bar when we saw all the locals grab this guy. We also have been coming here for 4 years, and would never let it put us off coming. We have made great friends here. Glad you are ok.


    • Welcome to the new St. Lucia. Sorry to hear about your tragic experience and I would not wish this in anyone. It is disheartening and a violation of one's life. Sadly, this is the new reality. Many tourists are seen as easy money. So please the next time you are visiting, be cautious, stay in a large group, don't venture out to Castries, use a pocket, not a bag, no jewelry that could be mistaken for gold. It is really sad that these bandits want to destroy St. Lucia.


  2. I was one of the four guys who apprehended the criminal. It's not a good feeling running after a guy who has a gun in his hand. We only realise the gun was fake after we apprehended him.....we will not tolerate nonsense in Rodney bay.


  3. Bravo bravo the citizens, I can assure you that another bandit will think twice cause now they know the citizens in that area don't tolerate such criminality, hope the people of castries central do the same.


  4. tourism is so vital to the life of the island that there needs to be a special charge against anyone that robs a tourist(before you start not all tourist are white) because quite frankly that is food off of all our tables you taking.......and for what a gold chain???.
    This is more than likely one touris that will not be back plus the several others of her friends she tells.


  5. Great JOB! Neighborhood watch, we need more of that in St. Lucia. Let's get together and help the police clean up the streets.... those criminals are shaming the island.


  6. We were walking home from Bay walk when we got near to a bar and heard this group of local boys shouting at this boy,. We then heard the lobby saying I'm sorry uncle, they held him until police promptly arrived, the lady who was robbed looked very shaken. It was a brilliant job by the local boys. Well done. I hope the lady got her bag back


  7. We saw this. after walking home from Bay Walk. But the local boys held him until the police came. To say the least the poor lady seemed scared, but great job done by these local boys. Just brilliant, the police arrived to the seen very promptly too


  8. time and time again we tell these little fools we dont condone crime, just on sunday there was a peaceful vigil for the guys who got gunned down in jacmel now you want to do this shate and rob a tourist again you lucky the people didnt beat you up before giving you to the police.


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