Man blames cocaine addiction for crime

Man blames cocaine addiction for crime
General Post Office, Castries. * Photo credit:
General Post Office, Castries. * Photo credit:

A Castries man said he was high on cocaine when he stole almost $4,000 worth of items from the General Post Office (GPO) earlier this.

Melvin Henry of Faux a Chaud, Castries, who is in custody for a similar office, pleaded guilty to the crime committed between Friday, June 15 and Monday, June 18, 2012.

It is Henry’s third offence on record.

The court heard that a security guard nabbed Henry then took him into police custody where he was questioned by Women Police Constable 644 Samuel, who had responded to the initial report from GPO accountant Pricillia Darcy.

During the break-in, Henry reportedly caused damages which totaled $1,500 and stole $3,985 worth of goods, which eventually ended up in the Faux A Chaud River.  The stolen items included a complete Lenovo computer valued at $2,800, a transformer worth $350, two flash drives valued at $100 each and electronic and print calculators valued at $635.

Henry said he broke into the GPO while high on cocaine, collected the items, placed them in a bag and then fallen asleep.  When he woke up, the defendant claimed he left the GPO and went to Faux A Chaud. On the way there he says “the bag burst open and all the things fell out, so I picked them up and throw them in the Faux A Chaud River.  I regret that now.  I wanted to go back but it was already day break.”

In sentencing Henry, Magistrate Charon Gardner stated that the mitigating factors were that he is a father of two, he confessed to the crime thus saving the State time and money, and his judgment was affected by the drugs which he took.  The negative factors were that he was a repeat offender, committing the same offence and he abused drugs.

The maximum sentence that Henry could receive was two years.  When asked to speak in his defense, Henry stated, “I know that’s not the way to go. Is the drugs that had me so.  Whatever you want to do with me”.

Henry was sentenced to two years with eight months knocked off for his early confession/guilty plea.  In addition, Henry’s sentence was further reduced by five months for time already served, since he has been on remand and held without bail.

Gardner then tacked on three months because Henry is a repeat offender for similar crimes.

He will serve a total of 14 months from Dec. 10, 2012.


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