Man attempts suicide after allegedly stabbing girlfriend in Monchy

Man attempts suicide after allegedly stabbing girlfriend in Monchy

stabbing3Police are investigating reports that a man accused of stabbing his girlfriend in Monchy, Gros-Islet around noon today was hospitalised after trying to kill himself.

Reports are that the suspect, a young male, a consumed a poisonous substance “by the sea” after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend, who was also hospitalized.

Her condition is unknown at this time.


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  1. Now the idiots begin to turn on themselves and quarrel about communities. Isn't that just marvelous? Instead of coming to an understanding as to what exactly is the problem they rather try to glorify their communities and call the rest "shit-holes."

    Idiots are we not all from the same place called St. Lucia where politicians don't give a rats ass about anyone, neither does anyone give a damn about anyone. What we are primarily concerned with is who have more than the other. I mean i know you people are FOOLS but come on!!!


  2. This is still weird for me. Both of those involved are like family to me. I spoke with both within the last two weeks, I didn't think he had it in him, I didn't sense any friction either. You never know, you just never know!


  3. When most crimes used to happen in Marchand and grass street you never heard of that kind of stereotyping that is given to Babonneau now. Yes, a lot has been happening in and around Babonneau lately; that doesn't mean that it is the worst community in Saint Lucia! We need to be concerned about the island as a whole!


  4. If you know of anyone contemplating suicide, please like share, save someone's live today.


  5. Babonneau is Babonneau and Monchy is Monchy. stop making that mistake. we need to stop all of these negative thinking when things happen in our country. further more both of the persons in question are originally from Monchy. i know cause i have lived there all my life. born and raise


  6. 'Oh Really', your comment makes no sense. We need to pray for our country. Babonneau is not part of Monchy.


  7. Oh really did you drop out if preschool to equate this to babonneau?
    Clearly hooked on phonics didn't work for you!


    • Trolls like you are there for a reason. And such offensive Trolling should be moderated and not allowed to be posted on this website.

      Babonneau is one of the most prosperous communities on this island with proper infrastructure. Many Educators, nurses, farmers, corporate leaders are also from Babonneau.

      Your attempt in desecrating the name of a Saint Lucian Community will always fail. Because it is an attempt to cover your own shit-hole where you come from, Troll.

      You shall always post under different trolling names. Because this is what trolls do.
      Ok troll? 🙂


      • So Babboneau is great but the place in ST.LUCIA where this person is from is a "shit hole". Misguided much? St. Lucia, all or none.


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