Man arrested for trying to steal police officer’s vehicle


This man was arrested for allegedly trying to steal a police officer’s vehicle. SNO has blurred out his face since he has not been charged.

A La Panssee man was allegedly attempting to steal a police officer’s vehicle in the wee hours of the morning, but was caught in the act.

The incident happened about 3 a.m. this morning (Feb. 27). The police officer’s vehicle was parked in the police canteen yard at police headquarters in Bridge Street, Castries.

The man is in police custody.

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  1. Think this is a "statement crime" ....... things are really bad socially.

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  3. too much gta

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  5. Yea boy he got motivation from the biker boys who failed recently...he went to show them how it's done but he failed at that too lets see who is up for the challenge...maybe steal a fire never know...can't put anything past these guys...but stealing from the police is like a fast and furious cut scene...this time the director...of bordelais...ain't gonna just yell cut...

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  7. some lucians eh ! chpz like wtf??
    its time 2 help ... lucians instead we all are against ourselves... think up ... atleast d man was trynna do sumn 4 a livin an 4 sum useless lucians jus sittin around n waitin 4 kenny 2 do sumn 4 dem lol think again urll are the IDIOTS

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  9. Don't blame the chap. He know things are tough on the outside, so he was just looking for a quick ticket to Bordelais. Free room and board, three meals a day. Recreation and sometimes sex if they want to or don's want to. so the guy is looking foward to his holiday....go figure.

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  11. Hello People , I am a Career Volere - I leave in a Castries Ghetto . 3 Years ago , I went all over St Lucia looking for a job - No one Hired Me ; therefore I Decided to Steal for a Living . I have Rent to Pay , I have to Eat , I have to take care of my Woman and Child , and Oh ! Buy Condoms . One Child is all I can Afford . Being a Volere has been Good to Me , when I steal an Item , I Sell it on the black Market or Under ground Market . I make $3000 a month on average . I can find a job that pays $1500 a month ! However, I don't want it - because it's hard , hard Work as a Laborer at a Construction Site . Being a Volere is Easy Work , and the Pay is double . The money I make being a Career Thief, allow be to take my Woman and Child on Vacation - once a year . Please note, Being a Career Thief is not for Everyone ; as for me - I an fine with it .

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  13. Oh, he thought that since the Americans can come to SLU and disrespect the police, then he can try a ting too... Unfortunately, for him, it worked for the Americans, but not for him.

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  15. No comment!

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  17. Hear from the then we will know what happen

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  19. the man is asking for help,come on lucians,lets help the brother,the only way out of this loop hole is to steal a police bike...i wanna help him....

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  21. Give him an A for trying the jack...

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  23. LOL! This story made my day. How foolish are these so called criminals? What was he going to do? Take it for parts or ship it to another country? The word IDIOT is an understatement for this individual. I wouldn't lock him up but instead I would have him wash all police vehicles daily for about 2 years. Prison would be too easy for him.

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  25. First they tried to steal bikes at the police impound now they tring to steal vehicles by the police canteen..lord what is this country coming too.

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  27. bad enuff u try to steal a POLICE vehicle u doin it at police mate had jus walk inside and asked to b arrested instead.

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  29. Oh dear.
    Perhaps he wanted to have a feel of the cool wind lashing on his face, with his arm resting on the door, listening to some dance-hall music, while bobbing his head in approval of how wonderful it is to be cruising at such hours of the night. 🙂

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  31. Dumb ass criminal. A bullet in the ass would have helped him. Shouldn't be able to sit for awhile.What is with these idiots these days trying to steal from the police????

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  33. Some people go looking for trouble. This one is funny. I think the police is lying on this man. Maybe they don't like him.

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  35. Mate had to be mad, you stealing a vehicle so close to the police station.

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  37. CHOOOOPPPSSS!!!! wat da hell is wrong wif those thugs..SMFH

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  39. AA soon them guys will be breaking into police stations to steal.

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  41. You saw some tried in vain to teeth motorcycles but you still thought you bad you want to be a hero if I was a police and found you there trust me I would show you no mercy!

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  43. I'm just saying...

    What an idiot. Should have shot him also. That would be one less thief around to steal someone's possession.

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  45. That criminal really stupid. Choops tun.

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  47. What an imbecile!!! HAhahahahaha!

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  49. "Garcon, wha' building is dis? I tink is SLASPA..."

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  51. Are you kidding me, he should be featured on Saint Lucia dumbest criminals.

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  53. The audacity or should that be "Stupidity" of some criminals is beyond belief!! Glad they caught the idiot!!

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