Man arrested during eradication exercise

Man arrested during eradication exercise

Police officers attached to the Dennery Police Station conducted an eradication exercise at Louvert, Dennery yesterday.

During the exercise, the officers uprooted 6,209 marijuana plants and confiscated approximately 21 lbs of dry cannabis.

James Bernard, a 47 year old resident of Aux Lyon, Dennery was arrested and charged for the offences of possession and cultivation of a controlled drug.

Bernard appeared before the Second District Court in Vieux Fort today where he pleaded guilty to the charges.

Bernard was fined $3000 on the charge of possession of a controlled drug and $4000 on the charge of cultivation. He was ordered to pay the fine in six months or in default, six months imprisonment.


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  1. Lmao @ dish though what u say is true, but d government hv to laow dem tings bcuz tings hard and nutting not running and d man have children and his family to take care of. They saying don't sell drugs, and they not giving ppl jobs and those that hv jobs are not getting paid a good salery!!!! What do u expect????


  2. wow i better go in Dennery to plant my weed, cause in castries if they burst you is 10 yrs u getting

    $7000 IS PEANUTS for a weed farmer Smh

    country court is a bwah lol


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