Male in critical condition after stabbing in Castries

Male in critical condition after stabbing in Castries

An alleged violent confrontation between two males in an inner-city Castries community on Saturday evening, Nov. 11 has left one in critical condition, according to reports reaching our newsroom.

The incident reportedly occurred after 6 p.m. in Odlum City, Bois Patat, reports state.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) received two voicenotes, allegedly about the incident, but could not immediately authenticate it.

“Two man were having a knife war, jukking up each other and thing. One get stab up in his chest and one get stab up in his neck.

“One of them ain’t dead yet but it sound like the one that get stab in his neck more critical,” the voicenotes state.

SNO was also told by another source that the stabbing “victim ran and collapsed on a step, appears critical”.

Emergency officials have confirmed receiving a report of a stabbing in Bois Patat at 6:20 p.m. No other official information was received.

SNO will provide more details as they come available.



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  1. You are so right...I'm from Castries and in my early fourties. I saw this pattern unfgold every Friday I used to be worried who's next..I got fed up and scared I got tired of going to funerals too. Fro such a long time this curse has been on the city...every Saturday another one gone...almost every Saturday it rains almost every Saturday morning you get some sad news of a life lost...RIP to so many in my young life I simply could not bare it anymore so I left the city but the horrors still remain..fellas change y'all life....let's break that curse...lets ask the most high God to uplift this curse on our city let's take back our town...let us as a nation pray for our island and its young men..

    I am recommending we form a spiritual island group of prayer warriors specifically to chant down this demon who's in charge of our town and city...lets challenge this monster in the name of the lord to release our children from forming gangs from being blinded by negativity..we can do it St.Lucia we can do it!! Leave your info or msg [email protected] so we can talk discuss and form a positive group of prayer warriors against this evil .


  2. Demons killing Demons,jukking up each other with knife like a knife is a toy,when Friday and Saturday reach in St.lucia its the time satan get the most blood and souls.These people crazy,they infested with demons.Pure evil working through them.


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