Major roads to be constructed and repaired this financial year

Major roads to be constructed and repaired this financial year

PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport will embark on an ambitious road rehabilitation programme in 2014/2015.

In the Budget Statement delivered on Tuesday, May 13, 2014, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony highlighted a number of roads to be repaired or reconstructed this financial year.

Eight roads in the south will be repaired under Design/Finance/Construct (DFC) Agreements, while a major road in the north will be extended through loan-funding.

“I am pleased to announce that, at its meeting in February 2014, the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) has approved the granting of a loan to Saint Lucia for the upgrading of the Castries-Gros Islet Highway from the Choc to Gros Islet Junction. KFAED’s procedures for loan and technical assistance financing require that final amounts can only be agreed upon after the undertaking of an appraisal mission by KFAED.

“Therefore, based on discussions with KFAED, an appraisal mission by their technical and financial team is expected in Saint Lucia during the second half of the year to determine the level of financing and support required by Saint Lucia to undertake this long overdue project,” PM Anthony explained.

The completion of the four-lane highway is essential as Castries-Gros Islet Highway remains undoubtedly the busiest road link on island with over 20,000 vehicle trips daily. The increase in capacity will address the bottlenecks at the Rodney Bay junctions and will improve the flow of traffic along the route.

The prime minister also revealed a number of roads to be rehabilitated in the south of the island. Dr. Anthony explained:

“The following roads will be completed:
(a) Southwest Coast Highway from Clarke St, Vieux Fort, to its junction with the St. Jude Highway (2.5 km);
(b) Balca (1.3km);
(c) Daban (2.9km);
(d) Morne Jacques (0.8km);
(e) Fiette (2.0km);
(f) Also included in this project will be extensive roadside drainage works to be undertaken on the road leading to Saltibus through Parc Estate.

The prime minister pointed out “that substantial remedial works were undertaken on the Piaye-Saltibus Road over the past weeks to ease the plight of commuters.

The prime minister disclosed that “DFC contracts will be awarded this year for two major roads in Laborie that require urgent attention. Approximately 10 km of road improvements will be done on:

(a) The Laborie to Banse-La Haut Rd; and
(b) The road traversing the Laborie Village Centre, which includes Testannier Highway”.

The prime minister has promised to make the details of these contracts available to the House of Assembly in due course.


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  1. Did anyone miss the " Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development" part??? Under what conditions are we taking this loan? I'm sure they (Kuwait) have to benefit from this, no? Hmmm...


  2. It's about time the Laborie, VF, Banse, Saltibus, Piaye area got attention from the Gov't. Saint Lucia isn't just the North. Come on PM, you was raised in the South by my great-grandmother, so you should be looking out for us (the South) a little better than you did before. The South has ALWAYS been SLP.


  3. I waited patiently for the redevelopment of the Castries Gros-Is-Let Highway, and finally it's going to happen.

    Hip hip, Hooray.
    Hip Hip, Hooray


  4. Miss Albina Renolds, you met the road at Fond Cacoa Babonneau in a mess, its in a worst mess now, vehicles skid to go up the road, people have to put nylon in their feet over their shoes to get to work, aint you the very same minister who preach health on the Tv, then why preach health while the people of Fond Cacoa not breathing health dusty road all day, remember you campaign using this road the people at Fond Cacoa supported you for a change


  5. I applaud Kenny Anthony for realizing roads in the south which needs attention, but apparently, Miss Albina Renolds forget the people of Fond Cacoa Babonneau


  6. I applaud Kenny for realizing that the kuwait funds are available for major projects....the late sir John used the same funding agency for the tunnel project. But apparently Alvina Reynolds forgot about the plight of the people in Feyew Balata, the road leading into the quarry is in a deplorable state and both she and the quarry owners are blind to the state of the road.


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