Major real estate project for Choiseul given green light

Major real estate project for Choiseul given green light
Left to right: President GP Group Georgi Vassilev,
Left to right: President GP Group Georgi Vassilev,Chief Executive Officer for overseas operations, Cristo Pancheff.

A European-based company has been granted approval to undertake a major real estate project in Choiseul.

The announcement was made on Thursday at a joint press conference between the developers and senior executives of Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

The company, GP Group (Saint Lucia), is the developer of a luxurious hotel and beach resort in Choiseul, which was announced by Tourism Minister, Lorne Theophilus, in March this year.

The US$220 million resort development will comprise of a 120-room luxury recreational centre, 40 bespoke villas with ocean views, spa centre, restaurants, sports and recreational centre and a bio garden, among others.

GP Group’s Chief Executive Officer for overseas operations, Cristo Pancheff said the company expects to employ some 200 people during the construction phase and another 300 during the operations of the resort.

Pancheff told the media that the company will also look at ways in which to preserve, and in some cases expand the natural resources in that particular area.

Director of Tourism, Louis Lewis said the Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB) is very excited about the development prospects of the project and looks forward to seeing it implemented soon.

“What it really signifies, is the opening of the South-West of the island, which up to now hasn’t been utilized for tourism purposes. And it creates an opportunity for employment in that part of the island. It is also happening at a time when the demand for the population is strong. So we have every reason to believe that it will be a success.”

Lewis said this project will have long term benefits for Saint Lucia, as it would ensure the continuous inflow of people and create a connectivity with the agriculture sector.


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  1. Ok looks can be deceiving but let's be real they look like a couple of gangsters.

    I hope they either
    1. Don't do this
    2. Do this thing damn properly

    If they leave a damn ugly shell on the beach of one of the most beautiful places on the island, there HAS to be consequences. That thing on Micoud highway is both a joke and an insult.


  2. The only way to get away from Kenny for good, is NOT TO VOTE FOR ANY SLP. NOT A SINGLE ONE.

    Vote for independents. It is time to make sacrifices. Our hardships will only grow the another term of Kenny and the clowns.

    If he builds 5-star housing for Bruceville and the Mangue VFort might vote him back in again. But without all these known and proven yes-men he will have no power to give us more Jufallies, Grynbergs, Black Bays, Frenwels, Hellenites buildings, Market Steps belly dances and waltzes.

    Patriots don't vote for traitors. Get rid of our performing clowns people. All of them.


  3. Are hotels the only means of employment in St. Lucia? As Worried St. Lucian rightly stated, St. Lucians will work at this hotel for menial pay, while the managerial posts with the big salaries will be filled by persons from the investor country. Its time the government start giving St. Lucians meaningful employment. Employment in which Lucian staff will gain employment which is really commensurate with their level of education, skill set and the cost of living. It seems that all we are worth are hotels, like we are so hungry so "build hotels for them". Hotels which will be closing down or sending staff home in droves. This is disgusting. Lorne you are disgusting, come with something better. Come with a school, community centre, youth skill centre, health care facility, road and the list goes on. There are so many needs to be met, I am sick and tired of this hotel nonsense. Don't forget our beaches, soon locals will have no beach to bath on, cause the hotels occupy all. So lucians get ready to bath soley at Vigie beach. I am so disgusted, this is unreal. If I hear about the opening of another hotel my brain will just about explode. Stop selling the island out!!!!!!!


  4. GP GROUP? Which one.

    Gangjee Premjee from Yangoon Myanmar
    GP Investment from LAtin America
    GP like in Grand Prix

    I have searched this this company online and I am coming up empty.


  5. "It is happening at a time when the demand for the population is strong." Which population, I wonder.
    Also, the idea of hotel construction in untouched parts of the island does nothing to soothe my fears that St. Lucian's truly are on the verge of reenslavement. Such 'development' drives prices of land out of reach of the local. Our place will be working in these hotels for menial pay, while the managerial positions are mostly reserved for citizens from the investor countries. More parents will be away from home, a prospect which can further damage the family fabric in this country, which truly isn't much to speak of of late.
    Why can't our politicians see that hotels alone are not the answer? Are they thinking long-term to the quality of life of our future generations? Is this the extent of their vision? If so, I remain a Worried St. Lucian.


  6. This will never be profitable. Those two guys look like East Europeans or from the Baltic States.
    So please clarify their nationalities.


  7. Never heard of the GP Group (St. Lucia) before this. Was the necessary due diligence done? How long before the GP Group (St. Lucia) becomes insolvent?


  8. What is the maximum number of seaside resorts that Saint Lucia can accommodate before we begin to experience diminishing returns? When will the SLHTA, Ministry of Tourism, Tourist Board, Ministry of Planning, Invest St. Lucia, Ministry of Sustainable Development and National Trust commission a study on Saint Lucia's hotel carrying capacity before it is too late?
    One day we will wake up to realize that all our best beaches are in foreign hands and that locals will not be able to bathe on the beaches at anytime.


  9. ok so let me get this straight, a Bulgarian Company, GP GROUP LTD. is part of a holding structure specialized in the construction of infrastructure sites, industrial buildings, residential complexes and hotels, including the maintenance of petrol stations, gas stations and facilities.

    They don't manage or run hotels just construct them, the CEO does not exist on Google, and they're investing in a hotel in Choiseul. hmmmmmm, No mention of which hotel chain will run the resort. just a resort being built. I think we have seen enough projects start up only to stop midway and spoil the landscape of the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. it would sure help if some more information was made available as to what happens if and when this resort is completed.


  10. No longer are St. Lucians fools Dr. Anthony.
    You fooled the nation in 2011. Shame on you.
    If St. Lucians allow you to fool us again in 2016 then shame on us


  11. Awa. Sugar Beach just sent home 66 employees with more pending . They claim things tight and that hotel is their for over 21 years. In other words it's well established. So now now them SLP suckers coming with that hug hotel in the same area and expect me to believe yall have the nation interest at heart. Lorn try to secure that sit and after elections work stop. And that building frame will remain standing like a yellow elephant. My people open your eyes. It's not hard to see right through these people


  12. Hope another piece of our patrimony is not part of this election contrivance. Le Paradis, Rochamel, Black By, and Grynberg are still stinking rotten examples of SLP egregious blundering stupidity. Idiots never learn. But the people always suffer like in ignorant Maduro's Venezuela.


  13. More hotels, don't we have enough of them yet ?? poor roads, no water, no health care, polluted sea, rubbish everywhere. I guess the tourists should just stay in their rooms.


  14. Go and fix the road Saltibus!!! With the majee tricks you trying! As elections coming all of y'all singing!


  15. My Goodness ELECTION PLOY SEASON IS HERE !!... Even the blind can see, all these projects coming to fruition. What's going on? The government of St.lucia has suddenly decided to care for its people.


    Health Care



  16. The SLP won the elections in 2011 on the promises of jobs jobs jobs. St Lucians fell for it and voted them in. They know they did nor deliver and cannot come back to us empty handed, therefore he is trying to fool us again, some other way, no way Kenny it is too late we have seen the way you operate. Once bitten twice shy


  17. I am confused. Where was this volcano of projects before ? all of a sudden it has erupted and its projects projects projects? which i fully well know will never get to phase 2 far less completion lol. your'll make me laugh.


  18. Ha ha ha, Lore where were these gentle men all the time? Now your term is coming to an end you want to fool the people. The talk around is, Kenny wanted to replace you because you have done nothing for the people of Choiseul. Now you talking Hotel. Go and give the people a better life, Build a hospital or a proper school, Build them a Market so they can sell their ground provisions, crafts etc. to better their lives. The people come first. How many people from Choiseul will even be allowed to pass by that Hotel, Not because most of them are patois speaking you think you can fool them, You know tourist will not go to any hotel there, you have not developed any part of Choiseul. There is absolutely nothing for any tourIst to see. It is still a poor village. This is the wrong way to try to win an election. The people will see through you and will still vote you out


  19. Soon it will be left standing like the one on the Micoud highway going into Vieux-Fort. Remember my people election is in the air do not fall for another soon to be sore eyes.


  20. Look deeper. It's not about the hotels. Look around the corner and under the carpet.


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