Major islandwide potholing exercise underway

Major islandwide potholing exercise underway

roadworks-382715PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport has commenced a major potholing exercise which will result in roads being potholed in communities across the island.

This programme kicked off during the week of Monday 16th November 2015 with work being done on the Millennium Highway, which was immediately followed by extensive paving works on Victoria Street in Castries on Sunday 22nd November 2015.

As this potholing programme unfolds, many communities across the island are expected to benefit. The community of Jacmel is presently receiving attention and the City of Castries and its environs will benefit largely from this exercise. Some communities in the south can look forward to better roads in the near future.

The largest beneficiary of this programme will be the Saltibus community. Almost $500,000.00 has been set aside for the purchase of Asphalt mix to undertake potholing activities along this road.

This potholing programme will improve road conditions, and is a welcomed addition to the four (4) recently signed contracts for the rehabilitation of roads in Eu-piquant to Bellevue, Ciceron, Caico in Millet and Fond Cacoa in Babonneau.

Motorists are advised to pay attention to road signs and drive with due care and attention in areas where works will be ongoing.


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  1. Who is undertaking this exercise? Who is supervising those guys? Pure nastiness them fellas doing on the roads. Come on, if you are given a job try to at least put some effort into doing it well.


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