Major cleanup campaign underway

Major cleanup campaign underway

A fun activity to clean up of the environment which began with three Japanese volunteers has expanded into a major cleanup campaign.

On Saturday, July 20, over 30 individuals from various groups converged on the Tapion Beach for their first major one-hour cleanup activity under the theme “Make a Change”.

The cleanup is organized by volunteers of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with the assistance of the JICA alumni in Saint Lucia.

The aim is not just to remove garbage from the environment but to help change the mindset of those involved in indiscriminate garbage disposal.

The cleanup is scheduled for the third Saturday of every month in a different location. Volunteers from the Taiwanese technical mission and members of the general public also participated in Saturday’s event.

The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority and the National Conservation Authority is providing assistance through the provision of garbage bags, gloves, and with the disposal of the trash.


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  1. It's pathetic that we need foreign people to come and convince us that we have a serious issue with waste disposal...come on people, if everyone would just be considerate of the next person..simple as that, there would not be garbage being thrown haphazardly all over the place. I've seen people on the beach, eating and drinking being merry, and then leaving all traces of their good time behind...the same people will come again next week and then complain that st.lucian's are nasty and that the beach is nasty....I don't understand this...It's disgusting...We all need to be responsible, we should not need a campaign to take care of the beautiful island that we own! Sigh...if only...


  2. the government needs to enforce a refuse tax on all households and eating establishments to pay for the cost of waste clearance.


    • Another tax! In addition to VAT, PAYE, Import Duty, E-Levy, Fuel Tax. Are you serious? Why not Gov't make better use of the monies they collect from us already. Stop lining up the pockets of their buddies and work for the taxpayers of this country.


  3. Getting rid of garbage is like sweeping dusts under a carpet .. nothinh will change in st lucia not even their mindset.. the only way to, improve on our garbage littering problems is to cement in the mindset of ppl that hash penalties will be enforced, passing laws on plastic companies


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