Major call centre investment for Saint Lucia

Major call centre investment for Saint Lucia


A major US-based call centre will be launched in Saint Lucia creating hundreds of jobs, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced.

Chastanet said the partnership will be facilitated though a company in Austin, Texas called Ojo Labs,which is launching a huge artificial intelligence with call centres.

“I am very excited. I think when people see the actual facility that is going to be erected, its going to be a world-class facility. And I think that is the area in which we can be more competitive,” the prime minister said.

Chastanet recalled that a call centre which had operations here was sold, and the new owners had shut down the facility, causing some 150 people to lose their jobs.

“I took the opportunity when I was visiting American Airlines in Dallas, to go and meet this company in Austin, and as a result of that, there is a new company that has just started up,they are going to be build a major call centre here.”

Further, an announcement will be made through Invest Saint Lucia, which is looking to do a joint venture with Ojo Labs, to go after similar companies that provides jobs in the ICT sector.

“We believe that Saint Lucians have shown and exhibited a talent in being able to cater to that, ” Chastanet said.

While the date for construction is not known, Chastanet said the call centre will be built in the South of the island.


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  1. Thanks be to the most high...i recently questioned the former prime minister,in a pre ellection community meeting, concerning investing in a call center in the south. His reponse was passive, good move guys,bravo.


  2. Call centres are preying economic migrants. The moment the incentive period is used up, they move to the next country with fresh incentives. You come to work on Friday and things are find. You return on Monday and the doors are padlocked. Wages and salaries are left unpaid, likewise national insurance payments for workers.

    I wonder whether there will be an unstated anti-union approach or union suppression regarding employment. Let us hope and pray that there is no carpel tunnel syndrome associated with this too. Worker disability benefits are virtually non-existent.


    • They are incentive nomads. Their only concerns are profits, as they move from country to country. Unless there is a great deal of technical training of locals, a matter for government to insist upon, the net effect on the economy is always temporary. The demanded concessions always outweigh the employment creation.


  3. After DSH has occupied Vieux Fort there will be no land left for any other development in Vieux Fort .DSH will be the monopoly of lands in the south.


    • Remember The former PM had offered 1000 acres to a developer in the UK for a competing project. DSH is only using 700 acres that leaves 300 acres somewhere that Kenny wanted to 'sell'.


  4. Typing in stock phrases for artificial intelligence systems to spew out. Yes, it's a job but let's call it what it is. Any rate, better than carrying horse poop. Maybe.


  5. One might accuse the current PM of many things. His vision may be tainted by some inherent insecurity or something else but you cant accuse him of being vision-less or plan inept or lazy. That would be more like our last PM.


  6. yes, the slp will complain that the call center building is taking up valuable land next to a cow pasture and the govt is giving away the island. I just wish the govt would quit creating any jobs for the slp dominated vieux fort. put jobs in the areas that voted for you pm.


    • Government is not creating any Jobs . the only thing Chastanet is creating is sky mile for himself After the 5 years in power he will be able to travel around the world for free maybe for the rest of his life on all the millions of miles he has accumulated at tax payers expenses.


  7. tired of dis bullshit, low class low paying jobs, you mean all st lucians good for is bellboy,house keepers, and customer service reps, smfh, you cah even sustain yourself much less your family on dat, i doh care who doing it chas or kenny, step it up, you said you was serious about agriculture, then push it, funny how since he came into power we haven't heard about agriculture, our land can be used to feed the nation, instead of places for horse shit........fed up of all this bullshit, now i see why people live the island to go n suffer in the states n canada..........


    • Drake, you might want to have a careful discussion with those that have chosen to roll their dice and see about if they are granted entry, nevermind get a job in the U.S., Canada, Britain, and elsewhere in the E.U.

      Be prepared to never be late for worj, bust your tail washing dishes for a decade to start unless you have an education or an in-demand skil, be be treated like the black go-to boy in a society full of several other cultures and ethnic backgrounds, most all of whom will be better educated than you, be hungrier than you as far as work ethic and trying, and step over you if it means the advance and you get fed to the wolves.

      Your impression seems to be sorely mistaken. Stick with SLU where you can be a small fish in a small pondcand where people will actually listening to your quashee rants. Good luck with that.

      You have a choice, --- you can be a part of the problem here or you can be part of the solution. It's one or the other.


    • Farming isn't for everyone. Some might prefer to work on the phones doing customer service than growing bananas. And as for those choosing to suffer in the US , UK, EU, etc. most would give anything to come back home. You'd think people would have realised by now that the grass isn't 'greener on the other side' and the roads are not paved with gold.


    • Should you delve into the coverage, Anonymous, you will note that the technology is still under development, and is only in "beta", which means that they are working to improve on the development so as to be the best it can be. Should things work out, in the future we should look forward to a "soft roll-out", followed by a staged launch. Think Siri.


  8. An interesting direction for St. Lucia, and something refreshingly new for us.

    Hopefully the technology they are developing won't make the call ceentre workers redundant based on being replaced by AI.

    That said, on the very positive side, there has been a historical movement of call centres from North America and Europe to Central and South America, and Asia (lower labour costs). It's nice to see that SLU is getting a piece of that action, it beats working in the hospitality industry, and the development of talent will make us more attractive to other businesses seeking to relocate their call centres in that we will bee able to offer a suitably trained and experienced workforce set to hit the ground running.


  9. Some of y'all ain't even see the project fulfill yet but y'all talking... A BUNCH OF DONKEYS I TELL YOU. smh


    • Anonymous, you must know that there are no such things as promises in business development, should you have just woken up from that long nap.

      There is always risk, uncertainty, cost/benefit and so on. No risk, no return.

      We have duly elected a government to undertake that responsibility for the island on our behalf.


  10. See you so drown into that wild dream you already thinking of 22017. Such a fool so excited about wild dreams couldn't even take your time to type 2017. Believe me fool that will NEVER happen. Donald Trump is president now FOOL.I hate to see people like you think that this man cares about your future. Good luck


  11. My people, let us think about this for a minute. Majority of "Call centers" originating from the United states are normally moved to countries such as India, Indonesia, Phillipines for the sole reason of cost of labor, (i.e operation cost). American companies in the past have found that operation cost in the Caribbean is too high and not profitable. Hence, those who did follow through were short lived. what this prime minister is saying sounds good; however, I am inclined to believe, will not materialise for the reason I mentioned above.


  12. VFCCCC is already looking to protest against this one too. DSH is not the problem for those VFCCCC people. Development and the creation of jobs by the UWP administration is the problem. PM Chastanet will be doing more than Kenny did for us in Vfort and it hurting JJ and his group. This guys has noting if the SLP government is not power. Handout guys.


    • You hit the nail on the head. That is what it is, they are ashamed that this government through the PM is doing more for Vieux-Fort than their former rep and a sitting PM ever did or even dreamt of doing.


  13. Yes Philip J Pierre read this and shut up. A working PM we now have here in St. Lucia. Last PM was tired, worn and inept.




  14. I pray prosperity and blessing for St Lucia 22017.I pray God will lead the prime minister and his government. There shall be showers of blessing, God is healing the island of ST Lucia. Thank you Jesus


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