Maduro: Government developed five strategies for protecting the people in 2017

Maduro: Government developed five strategies for protecting the people in 2017

(RNV) – The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said on Sunday that the National Government has developed five strategies of protection for the Venezuelan people in 2017, against the unconventional economic war promoted by factors of the right wing.

“The first part of the strategy is the stability of work and creation of employment sources, the second part of the strategy is the protection and care of the salary, the income of the alimentation ticket, and the signing of collective agreements”, he said.

The third element is the construction of social protection through the system of Missions and Great Social Missions. The fourth strategy is the consolidation of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), as a central element of a new system of direct distribution to the home and finally to strengthen the creation of the Sovereign Country Fairs throughout the country.

On the Sovereign Country Fairs, he highlighted that this distribution space demonstrates how the distribution market should work.

“The Country Fair demonstrates how the socialist market should work, in coordination with the community and in relation to agreed and fair prices of all the products, distributing the products from the primary producer to the consumer. It is possible indeed to produce and sell at agreed prices”, he said.

He informed that soon the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) will approve the creation of a figure of communal prosecutors, who will contribute to the journeys of price monitoring along with the Superintendency of Fair Prices (Sundde).


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