MADE St. Lucia visits school to encourage volunteerism

MADE St. Lucia visits school to encourage volunteerism

9baf43ff-0cee-446f-ad51-01edcb578e96PRESS RELEASE – MADE St.Lucia went about their first project Today ,November 27th,2015 . MADE ST.Lucia visited  the students of the Mongouge combined School to lecture them on the importance of volunteering.

After the discussion a hamper containing school supplies and grocery items were donated to three brothers attending the school.  The boys expressed their gratitude and joy upon receiving the hamper.  The students and teachers was also given a task to work on a project called ” Make a Difference “.


on Friday 4th December  2015 five students from various primary schools  in the south will also receive hampers . In addition, the schools will also  be given the task to work on the ” Make a Difference ” project . The projects will be judged during the next school term and the school with the most impressive project will receive a special prize.


Let us all put our efforts into making a positive change, let us change someones life for the better, no matter how small it may be. Remember change begins with you!


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