Machete-wielding mom gets 3 years probation

By Jamaica Observer

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(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — The St Thomas woman who was seen beating her daughter with a machete in a video circulating on social media last year was this week sentenced to three years probation with parental counselling and anger management.

Doreen Dyer, 44, pleaded guilty to cruelty to a child when she appeared in the St Thomas Parish Court.

The video, that went viral, showed Dyer, dressed only in her underwear, hitting the girl with what appears to be a machete, while using expletives.

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  1. Hitting a child is barbaric. Some persons say: "There are some instances when physically disciplining a child is necessary." I beg to differ. This child is human, this single greatest marvel in creation and the most intelligent species in the universe, at an age where the learning ability is at a peak. If you cannot get a point across to this organism, then you have failed dismally as a parent and your intelligence should be brought into question.

    If a child's behavior has degraded to the point that you feel the need to injure them then you have failed as a parent. Beating a child doesn't "beat the bad out of them", it just shows where you as a parent has failed. Injuring the child is just another way of you pushing your shortcomings on another person.

  2. Good, good, good. She deserves it. And not her alone. A lot of Caribbean parents that take the "spare the rod" proverb way too far and use their children as punching bags to release their frustration. To the jail to the jail!!!

  3. She will learn from this and realize how serious it was as this can ruin the child's life;have been viewed world wide!!Hope other parents who may be so inclined learn from this! The judge was kind to have given her only three years.Hope she appreciated the judges effort!!


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