Machete-wielding man enters Soufriere bar

Machete-wielding man enters Soufriere bar

Police are investigating an incident in Soufriere on Saturday night in which a machete-wielding man entered a popular bar in the town and hurled threats.

No one was injured.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that patrons immediately “dropped what they were doing” and ran out of the bar when a young man armed with a machete entered the premises at about 10 p.m. and “manhandled” several people. The ordeal lasted about 10 minutes.

Another eyewitness said the young man may have been looking to “settle a score” with someone.

Once out of danger, the police were alerted and arrived quickly, the eyewitness said.

Residents told SNO that they are concerned the incident may have been connected with the recent gang violence in the town in which a French tourist was injured in a “crossfire” between two rival gangs.

The tourist was having lunch at a restaurant when a stone was thrown through the premises, hitting her in the process. She sustained a minor injury to the forehead. Another tourist, a male, was also hit, but did not seek or require medical assistance.


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