Lyric writing workshop commences today

Lyric writing workshop commences today

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) will be hosting a Carnival-related Training Program in Lyric Writing this November.

This training initiative seeks to assist writers in developing skills including the use of specific devices for composing; word craft, irony, word choice, rhyme, and the use of melody and mood. It will focus on communicating ideas through song and the best approaches to achieve this.

While the program is related to the writing of calypso and soca (groovy and power), it is not limited to these genres, and can be extended to other local and regional compositions such as Christmas songs, reggae, and ballads.

The intensive five-day program will be held from Nov. 6 – 10, from 5 – 9 p.m. at the CDF conference room. The training program targets as many seasoned and beginning writers as can attend.


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