Lucky 3 payout $201,805 to lucky winners

Lucky 3 payout $201,805 to lucky winners

PRESS RELEASE – Lucky 3 had an outstanding payout of $201,805 after last night’s draw.

For all those who had been anticipating the numbers 9-1-1 being called since Tuesday September 11th, last night proved to be a success as the numbers 1-1-9 were called.

The majority won on ‘Backup Mix’ with a total payout value of $84,240, followed by ‘Backup In-Line’ with a total payout value of $55,000.

The top three agents who sold the most winning tickets were Pensioner’s Corner on Jeremie Street ($15,250), Cool Breeze Service Station in Soufriere ($6050) and Christine’s Place in Grande Riviere, Dennery ($6050).

Congratulations to all winners and well done for holding onto those numbers.


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  1. yea boi yall good...since sept 1st I playin..I decided to stop and BOOM yall call it....very smart. bt yall still had to pay out.


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