Lucien Joseph “betrayed us” – Southern Taxi Association

Lucien Joseph “betrayed us” – Southern Taxi Association
Fleet of buses belonging to the Southern Taxi Association

The Southern Taxi Association (STA) has called for the resignation of President of the National Taxi Union Lucien Joseph, claiming that he has turned a blind eye to a situation where tour and outside taxi-service operators are taking away business from STA members.

“Joseph has definitely betrayed us and we have no confidence in his leadership and I think he has to step down,” president of the STA Francisco Jn Pierre told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview today (July 22).

Jn Pierre accused Joseph of sourcing outside taxi services for tour operators, an issue that led to a standoff between the STA and the St. Lucia Reps and SunLink Tours on Saturday, July 19.

Jn Pierre noted that the STA is the only authorised taxi-service provider at the Hewanorra International Airport and the association currently pays in excess of $100,000 annually to operate out of the airport. However, he claims over the years “it has become a free for all”.

The STA president further explained that St. Lucia Reps sourced seven 30-seater vehicles, two 40-seaters and one luggage bus from the north. And despite the STA’s current fleet of four 30-seater vehicles, two 40-seaters and one luggage bus, only one 30-seater vehicle was hired from the STA.

The association head claims that the St. Lucia Reps has been side-lining their association for some time now. Regardless of discussions with various stakeholders, the issue of stopping unauthorised taxi services from commuting to and from the airport has not been

National Taxi Union President Lucien Joseph


“We have had many meetings with stakeholders in this regard and to no avail,” he told SNO.

“We have been faced with many challenges of having other hotel-based carriers and tour providers cashing in on our drops, specifically the St. Lucia Reps,” he explained.

Jn Pierre said the STA’s income has diminished from 90 per cent to about 60 per cent.

A meeting between both parties was held recently with the aim of resolving all issues. In spite of this, the STA claims that nothing has changed.

“I hope that the authority do what they have to do because I am trying not to take any action that will affect the tourism industry,” he pointed out.

Jn Pierre said he was reliably informed that the St. Lucia Air and Sea Port Authority (SLASPA) had submitted a proposal to Cabinet last September on a way forward, but that they have failed to act upon it.

“We are saying the time has come for the authority to regulate the industry. I think we need to protect our bread as an association, and with that, send a signal to government that it is serious and we need something to be done.”

Besides this, the STA said since 1998, no movement in taxi prices has been made, particularly charges made to tour operators. The only two increases the STA has obtained were through direct negotiations with Sandals Hotel and the Sugar Beach Resorts.

The STA head also complained that the increase in costs for vehicle spare parts and fuel has been an additional burden to its members over the years and believes that taxis are operating at a lost.

He said if there are no immediate changes made to the situation the next move would be to review its contractual agreement with SLASPA.
Efforts by SNO to contact St. Lucia Reps and the National Taxi Union on Tuesday, July 22 were unsuccessful.


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  1. Don't need a union at all. Can do MUCH better without it. Save your dues for something far more valuable such as family.


  2. I have head and read many different negative reports on this Lucien guy. The question is why the members of his organization continue to tolerate his behavior? If he is that bad you must get him out of the leadership of your organization. If you don't act quickly and decisively sooner or later you too will be seen to be as equally senseless and selfish as him!


  3. I am not a Taxi operator.
    However, I am prepared to offer my services free.

    Sometimes, you cannot have the cat guarding the fish.

    I have seen all the problems of the taxi association and is of the view Luciene is a major retard in his position and cannot perform effectively. He lacks negotiating skills and the ability to understand the sector altogether.

    Vote for me "A B / B A" and I will take up your cause.


  4. The STA president is all talk. He is never around. This is a democratic world, can't people have the choice of taxi they wanna use. Most of these vehicles at STA are so old anyways. Who wants to drive on those.


  5. Every body nows that Lucien is an ignorant and vendictive individual.It's just a shame that this man is permitted to hold the position as president for so long. It's time to cann this idiot!!!!


  6. It's amazing how all we seem to be good at in this country, is fight each other down. Why can't we come together and work with the aim of making every one of our country men productive and progressive. Rather it has to be STA must have it all. Are there not other taxi-drivers who need to feed their families as well? Aren't there other taxi-drivers who have to send their kids to school as well? I agree we need to regulate the industry and the MOT is already doing that but every one who can meet the industry standards should be allowed to operate and make a dollar, particularly in this hard economic times, when we are requested by gov'ts not to rely solely on them and be self independent, etc. we need to work as 1 people, looking after each other, and only then will we prosper as a nation. We all rely on the tourism dollar for survival. STA is too GREEDY!


  7. I know a particular person from a taxi association who have been doing airport pickups and dropoffs for one of the leading Hotels on the island and has been denied a taxi plate from this said persons. He stated that as long as he is the president this person will never get a TX plate. Mr Jn Pierre I think its high time that this president is voted out SIMPLE.


  8. I must say that the president of STA is rude and out of place to dictate to the tour operations whom they should use. No one asked him to use the association monies to purchase the 2 elephants he can't get work for. But Mr. Jnpierre its your government and Joseph government so why now are u two are knocking heads. I think u both need to step down bcuz you'll are failures to the members you'll represent. All you'll care about is yourselves so shut .. up.


  9. Joe Joe i believe you are one of those who fight STA for your info the members ratified the purchase of the buses, THERE ARE OTHER MEMBERS WHO HAVE H PLATES PLUS FIGHT THE ASSOCIATION WITH LUCIEN AND OTHERS. Lucien sold us out to sandals years ago and denied it. This man is a crook and deciever.only for himself


  10. The president of STA should be the one to resign. The problem in south is due to his inability to lead. He purchased 2 buses which they have no work for. He has none TX vehicles operating within the association. His actions has destory the sector. He allowed the only hotel in the south to operate with none TX vehicles. STA president put your house inorder,


  11. the strang thing is , they keep calling to vote out Lucien...but i have attended board meetings and when it comes to the electing of the president they re elect him southern yall need to get yall stuff right. lucien joseph has given proven leadership..yall keep voting him in...its the other companies that keep disregarding the measures put in place and picking up visitors down south. so leave mr Lucien out of it and face the tourism minister and SLASPA. because is not to mr lucien you all are paying the 100000 dollars.


  12. I believe that with this, there is more... Y not provide the STA and other taxi operater with a general increase like the bus drivers??? But we need to be in it to feel it... As a driver I need to say lucien its time to gooo... I eh know what party u in but IF U SEEING BETTER DAYS -- THE MEMBERS OF STA AREN'T. We suffering


  13. Bambi u an ... no understanding on how things work, i guess it's ok for another man to come and live with your woman in the house u paying the bank for (reference only)


  14. Only now he has to go jnpiere? Your members are jokers and all other taxi asso, when it is time to vote that ass out they get scared. All the asso should Make up their minds and get rid of that idiot labar hack.


  15. You all STA fellows are too greedy.Other people paid insurance and license too.There is a piece of the cake for all operators.Sometimes i hear you all boast how much you all can make in a week.Stop being greedy.SMH


  16. Lol, Lucien the party hack. His party in power so he doing jus like all of dem. Lol at STA. Sad to say if Guy or Chastanent were there none of this would happen. Lol. EN ROUGE. BTW Chastanent does not need all u petty cash. Lol


  17. Can I not hire which ever taxi I want to pick up my people from UVF? Why do I have to use STA vehicle? This is a democracy!!


    • No you can't.
      Like any Great democracy, there are set rules and regulations that one must adhere too.

      You don't question laws of the US, UK or other advanced societies.
      You just go with the flow and will boast about it upon your return to your country of origin.

      So pretend you are still in an advanced society and follow the rules and laws that have been put in place.

      Thanking you in "advance" for your utmost kind co-operation.


  18. No. No. No! It is the government that you voted for which is now in power, which betrayed you. You have got it wrong my friend. Lucien all by himself can do sweet $%%$#$* -- you know what. You do not understand one crap about how this country is run. Do you?


    • Lucien talks like a Govt. senator....He spent most of his energies fighting Chastneet....The man is there for his pocket Period. Give cousin a break>


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