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A select few among 23 million Taiwanese have opened 2022 toasting with the finest spirits of Saint Lucia. That’s thanks to Saint Lucia Rums attracting high praise after being introduced to Taiwan – before Christmas — by veteran diplomat Ambassador Edwin Laurent on December 9, who hosted a rum-tasting event in true Saint Lucia style and spirit, attended by representatives of several entities.

Following is the full text of a story entitled Saint Lucia Showcases Quality Rum in Taipei recently published by CNA, a Taiwan-based news agency.


Saint Lucian rum was the big attraction at a rum tasting event held by the country’s embassy in Taipei on Thursday, which attracted around 50 representatives from Taiwanese businesses.

As one of the oldest industries in Saint Lucia, rum has a long history on the Caribbean island-nation. Saint Lucia has been producing rum for hundreds of years ever since Europeans settled in the Caribbean and planted sugarcane, Saint Lucia Ambassador Edwin Laurent told CNA.

The rum-tasting event attracted about 50 people, mostly Taiwanese representatives from hotels, restaurants, and bars, and a few international dignitaries who sampled rum paired with cocktail-style finger food. Among the several brands at the event, the main one was Chairman’s Reserve rums produced by Saint Lucia Distillers Group of Companies.

“Taiwanese generally seem to have good taste when it comes to spirits and we have a high-quality product, and when we let people sample it, we find that they love it,” said Laurent. “It’s a large market for us, it’s 23 million people, so we know if we could establish this sort of business, it would be valuable.”

In addition to business, exporting Saint Lucian rum to the country is also a part of building friendship and relations with Taiwan, he said. “Because to build friendship, it is good if you could do business at the same time,” Laurent said.

Even though in the 1950s through to the 1960s, Saint Lucia transitioned from mainly producing sugar to bananas; rum production did not stop as the country began importing molasses from other countries, said Margaret Monplaisir, CEO of Saint Lucia Distillers Group of Companies, in a recorded video.

“A practice which still continues until this day, except that the boat shipments have become much larger over the years,” Monplaisir said. (CNA)

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