Lucian Carnival aggressively being promoted in the Caribbean – SLTB

Lucian Carnival aggressively being promoted in the Caribbean – SLTB

Saint Lucia is advancing with efforts to promote the upcoming ‘Lucian Carnival’ in a number of sister islands.

A press release states that Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Martinique and Trinidad and Tobago are “aggressively” being targeted.

Leading in these efforts is the Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB) through a broad-based marketing strategy.

The board participated in a four-day consumer tradeshow with three local carnival bands in Galleria Hall in Martinique from May 29 to June 1, 2013. At that event, information on Lucian Carnival events was featured.

“This latest marketing effort highlights Lucian Carnival as yet another reason for our Caribbean neighbours to choose Saint Lucia as their summer getaway,” Deputy Director of Tourism Tracey Warner-Arnold said.

“We have also focused our attention on the French market via Martinique where we see much interest in the French participating in our Carnival.  Martinique and by extension Guadeloupe, boast a high percentage of repeat carnival visitors eager to play mas here on Saint Lucia annually,” Warner-Arnold added.

Additionally, three journalists from Martinique will travel here in July to provide daily coverage of Lucian Carnival.

With what it said is almost 60,000 Caribbean visitors to St Lucia every year, the SLTB said it is seeking to tap into “the vibrancy of the regional market as a means of further highlighting carnival”.

The board informed that, “as part of the regional marketing thrust, carnival jingles and other advertising paraphernalia have begun hitting the airwaves in several Caribbean islands through the Caribbean Super Station (CSS). Dozens of E-blasts messages of the main carnival events are also being sent to SLTB’s extensive regional consumer and trade database.”

J’ouvert, Junior Carnival, Carnival Queen Show Pageant and Soca Monarch are among some of the main competitions for the season.


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  1. That wont work with the crap music we have this year. I would quicker go to St. Vincent carnival which is one week before ours.


    • Stop being negative, every carnival has its ups and downs maybe this year is one of the years, some of us Lucians just like to find some negative thing to say about what is ours. (some things are better left unsaid)


  2. And why should I go to St. Lucia carnival when I have pretty much the same experience in my country.


    • you coming for a different kind of "LIME", every islands carnival has the same concept of carnival but the different culture makes a hell of a difference..


  3. Great idea, but this should have been done about six months to a year in advance when people are planning their vacation. With carnival on our heels all this marketing effort will be lost


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