LUCELEC’s new metering programme moving apace

LUCELEC’s new metering programme moving apace
Electromechanical meters are being replaced by a more advanced system.

Electromechanical meters (old meters) are being replaced by the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) through a programme being carried out by the St. Lucia Electrical Services (LUCELEC).

Over 6,000 meters have been installed in the last two months, LUCELEC’s Transmission and Distribution Manager Gilroy Pultie told St Lucia News Online (SNO) yesterday, September 3. A total of 10,000 meters have been replaced.

According to Pultie, the five-year long project has been progressing smoothly. The reason for this move, he noted, was to replace the aged meters that measure electricity based on wind path and to re-install the new AMI meters.

“With time and age they slow down and under-register the actual consumption. Those meters that have been replaced are about 15 to 20 years and even older, and that’s the primary reason for this change,” he explained.

The transition will see the replacement of manual meter reading and billing, switched to automatic meter reading and billing.

“The AIM meters are solid state (electronic meters) which do not use moving parts and as such are more accurate,” he stated.

The meters have also been approved by the St. Lucia Bureau of Standards.

The AMI meters are reportedly more accurate.

Pultie told SNO that when the programme started out five years ago the approach was different, since it was done on a geographical basis, using a billing cycle to transition the system for automatic billing. However, he said: “We recognise that we have so many old meters and we have been targeting those meters.”

According to reports, the country-wide move has raised some concerns for citizens, since the new meters will now accurately record consumption as opposed to the electro-mechanical meters.

There have been reports of increased electricity consumption for most of the replacement meters.


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  1. Lucelec we know you were not going to embark on this initiative if it wasn't profitable for you and your shareholders. Are the banks, credit unions,etc; going to provide low cost financing to purchase solar systems for homes? Government if you are serious about reducing our dependence on oil, what are the incentives if consumers invest in solar panels?


    • Grid tied photovoltaic systems are duty free, when integrated with the grid system Lucelec will offer a credit towards you bill (no cash) and at the end of the calendar or financial year (can't remember which one) the credit resets to zero and continues till the end of the year.

      the installation has to be certified my Electrical Department at Communications and works prior to integration by Lucelec.

      I know all of this because I'm currently crunching the numbers for a PV System.


  2. LUCELEC cab bring their meter for dey mutha! They best eh chapay by my home wif dat. Everyone who has this meter have seen drastic increases.


  3. Since the new meter my bill went down. I always told them something was wrong with my Bill. Because the same things I had at my house when I was paying $39.00 is the same thing I have now. I am not using more electricity Lucilec keep raising their bills all the time.


  4. From the time they put that meter my electricity is flying sky high. I don't have a business and I am paying 6 sum in current every month BS


  5. Lucelec gave the primary reason why some customer are seeing an increase in their bills, some of you guys need to read the article again... why don't you conduct some sort of electrical audit within your homes (like I've done). Here are some Ideas, feel free to add to the list.

    1. unplug devices that are not currently being used (cell phone chargers, game consoles, laptop chargers...)

    2. enable hibernation or shutdown desktop computers rather than leaving them on with a screen saver running.

    3. have a qualified electrictrician "size" your 120v VA transformer requirement, some folks have 3 ~ 5 KVA transformers "alway on" at their homes when their total 120v requirement is less than 500 watts. Transformers consume electricity even when they are not connected to a load source.

    4. utilize motion detector external lights rather than leaving lights on all night.

    5. utilize internal light switches with on/ off timers and schedule functionality.

    6. adjust refrigerator thermostat appropriately for a cooling freezing balance.

    7. adjust home air conditioning thermostat appropriately for a cooling balance, ensure the room is well insulated for efficient operation of the unit, don't set the temperature to 18C.

    8. when shopping for appliances (electric irons, hair dryers, microwave ovens, blenders, tv's, washing machines, water pumps...) always check the power consumption specification (usually express in "watts" ) and strike a balance between cost and efficiency.

    9. and many more...


  6. I don't get what the issue is. If you use it, you pay for it.

    People are just squealing because they are now having to pay for their consumption. If your price has gone up, it's because you were underpaying previously. Get used to it, this is just the start.


    • Most don't have a choice but to pay. True there may be some underpaying but what about those overpaying? You close up your house for a month to go on vacation. When you get the bill the amount is still the same like you never left. Bunch of thieves.


    • Some are over paying. What about closing up your home for a month to go on vacation. Come back bill is the same like you never left. Bunch of thieves.


  7. A bunch of thieves, They know they have manipulated these meters to suit their monies needs,. every body who has received these new meters have had a significant increase in their electricity bills, they know that. bunch of thieves.


  8. there has been reports of an increase in consumption.....every thing is increasing while the malaway salary stays the same....we have to afford all these increases on the same little salary....choops..while the rich is getting richer by stealing from the poor


  9. We are just a weak people.
    Weak Government, weak Bureau of Standards etc.
    It's no doubt we are the morons of the Caribbean.

    What's next...a pay-as-you-Go, billing too?


  10. Not only Barbados,many other countries refused them.Some of these new meters generate high level of radiation that has cause many problems.some of them transmit RF signal back to the company.With that information they can no when u switch on you TV in your home.


  11. And you know what will happen right. Cost of electricity will increase with those new meters. And St. Lucians will blow some hot air about it and they go about their merry way paying it.


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