LUCELEC wants customers to update account information

LUCELEC wants customers to update account information

Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) has launched a campaign aimed at encouraging customers to update their LUCELEC account information.

The initiative has two main objectives. First, updated customer information will make it easier for LUCELEC to contact customers with useful information about their account and how to better interface with the services the company offers. Secondly, this will facilitate the introduction of e-services including on-line bill payments directly to the company.

Customers have been provided with various options to update their account information. These include via the company’s website, where an “Update to Upgrade” app takes customers to a residential or business form for updating their information.

Customers can also update their information by completing forms at any of LUCELEC’s customer service offices in Rodney Bay, Sans Souci, Vieux-Fort and Soufriere, as well as at most locations where customers generally pay their bills including Bill Express at Super J Supermarkets, SurePay, some Credit Unions and some banks.

LUCELEC’s Customer Service Manager Jennifa Flood-George says, “The important data customers will need include name, LUCELEC account number which can be found on the bill, billing address, telephone numbers, email address and NIC number. For business customers we want them to include their location ID as well which is also found somewhere towards the middle right portion of the bill.”

Mrs Flood-George says the importance of this campaign cannot be overstated.

“As a general rule, it is important that we have the most up to date information for customers. Beyond that though, the company is getting ready to introduce online access to customer accounts. Customers will need a user account to facilitate this and the updated customer information will be necessary for setting up these user accounts. These online accounts would allow customers to review their payment and consumption history, make requests for certain services, and pay bills online and directly to LUCELEC, without having to come into our offices and take a line,” explains Mrs Flood-George.

The LUCELEC Customer Service Manager adds that customers will also have the option of receiving their bills electronically thereby making the correct email address critical.


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