LUCELEC unfair to the people, CSA boss says

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — General Secretary of the CSA, Claude Paul, believes that light and power company St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) is unfair to the people in a long-running contention between the union and the company.

The two organizations have been at odds over a matter relating to retirement age at the company, and the power company has challenged a ruling by the Labour Tribunal over the interpretation of the law when it comes to it.

The matter is now before the court and Paul believes that LUCELEC will be told to go back and implement the tribunal’s decision.

“The case, I believe, is on the seventh of December and so we have to await the outcome of it,” he said. “I can predict the court will say to LUCELEC, go back and implement the decision of the tribunal, but let’s see what happens.”

He said that it is only employers with power in their hands that take advantage of what he described as “the little people”.

“And that is why we have unions, to protect little people from the actions of employers like LUCELEC, who is unfair to the people,” Paul noted.

He argued that the former employees at the center of the dispute were forced to retire and take reduced pension.

“Sixty-five is the retirement age and so therefore LUCELEC forced them out, and therefore they have lost five years of work in some instances and are therefore taking a 30 percent less on their pension, that’s what the situation is,” he explained. “And it continues despite we go through all the avenues for redress, including the Labour Department, the Minister of Labour and the Tribunal, and still that doesn’t satisfy them.”

It is reported that those affected by the matter is facing hardships as a result of being out of work.

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  1. Everybody needs to support the low level staff in lucelec

  2. “The matter is now before the court and Paul believes that LUCELEC will be told to go back and implement the tribunal’s decision.” Now that is so silly. The matter is in the court and you are saying what the court WILL do? Don’t you think LUCELEC believe they were advised by the lawyer and they have a case? You said that this is pending for so long now and the case will be heard in 1 months time. Why couldn’t you just wait before releasing such nonsense. I honestly wish you the best result for the workers but I believe this release is rubbish.

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