LUCELEC to officially open its solar farm

LUCELEC to officially open its solar farm

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) will host the official opening ceremony for its 3 megawatt (MW) solar farm in La Tourney, Vieux Fort on Thursday, August 9 from 3 p.m.

Governor General H.E. Sir Neville Cenac, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Minister for Energy Stephenson King, and former US President Bill Clinton, along with LUCELEC officials will participate in the ribbon cutting to signify the formal opening of the solar farm.

The $20M project, located north of the Hewanorra International Airport is historic for Saint Lucia. It is the first utility-scale renewable energy project on the island and is funded, owned and operated by LUCELEC. Its nearly 15 thousand panels will generate approximately 7 million kWhs (or units) of electricity per year.

Construction of the solar farm began in November 2017 and the solar farm began feeding the grid in April this year when the entire 3 megawatts came online.

GRUPOTEC, an international firm with extensive, worldwide experience in developing solar plants undertook the engineering, procurement, and construction of the solar farm. The Clinton Climate Initiative, an initiative of the 42nd US President’s Clinton Foundation, provided technical assistance during the procurement process for the project.

Rocky Mountain Institute and global energy and engineering advisory firm DNV GL assisted with project development, bid evaluation and contract negotiations for the project.

The 3MW solar farm meets about 5% of St. Lucia’s electricity demand and will reduce the volume of fuel purchased by LUCELEC by about 300 thousand gallons per year. LUCELEC uses approximately 20 million gallons of fuel per year.

The solar farm builds on the work LUCELEC has been doing with grid-tied roof top solar PV systems since 2009. It is expected to provide the impetus for more renewable energy initiatives, and in more ways than one, will change St. Lucia’s energy landscape.


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  1. Renewable yet UNSUSTAINABLE!

    To continue using our scarce lands to erect solar farms is not the best approach! Why not partner with people or business that own large roofs- after all so much land is needed to generate 3MW. The top of the Govt buildings alone can generate this. Leave such prime land for housing for the average man.

    The erection of solar farms in this manner is actually banned in some developed countries; countries that have vast land masses. So for a tiny island to be doing this is not the best approach.

    Let us think ahead- leave something for our children!

    One love-
    Westinghouse EC


  2. I hope the saving realized from this project is past along to the people who are paying high electricity cost presently.


  3. We are becoming modern after all! Renewable energy and even borrowing to set it up is a much more enlightened step than investing in Venezuelan carbon industry. ALBA is an ALBATROSS.

    Such steps are what really differentiates our dotish blathering moronic Chicken Littles, from the younger population. With renewable energy, we have a much brighter future ahead of us. We are in greater control. We empower ourselves. We can see the light, light years ahead of the Chicken Littles. Way to go Saint Lucia! Yep! The sky is NOT falling Saint Lucia!


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