LUCELEC SPISE scholarship recipient continues to excel

LUCELEC SPISE scholarship recipient continues to excel
Gaius Hendrickson St-Marie (left) with LUCELEC's Carmy Joseph.
Gaius Hendrickson St-Marie (left) with LUCELEC’s Carmy Joseph.

– Gaius Hendrickson St Marie, the sixteen year old who was awarded a scholarship from the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) to attend the prestigious SPISE Programme in Barbados has returned home with two awards.

St Marie was judged the “Most Outstanding” and recognized with the “John and Dorothy Herzog Award” for which he received the autobiography “Steve Jobs” by William Isaacson. In addition he was also awarded the “Most Improved Student in Electronics”.

The annual SPISE Programme in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is offered to the most-gifted Caribbean students. St Marie was the youngest of twenty-two (22) students who attended SPISE 2014.

Of the four week long course, St Marie says, “It was an awesome experience, getting to work with so many brilliant minds from the Caribbean.”

In addition to being taught university-level courses in calculus, physics, biochemistry, entrepreneurship, Caribbean Unity and Mandarin, St Marie also completed hands on projects in under-water robotics, renewable energy and electronics.

SPISE students also participated in a career seminar series where they heard first-hand about the career paths, decisions and experiences of six eminent professionals in science and engineering from the Diaspora and the Region.

St Marie returned home to good news about the record seventeen (17) CXC subjects he wrote at the end of his time at Saint Mary’s College. For these efforts, he received fourteen (14) Grade One passes which includes ten (10) distinctions and three Grade Two passes.



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  1. Great Job Gaius St. Marie, keep up the good work and let God continue guide you....As you venture out and pursue your studies continue to excel. Splendid job done at CSEC!


  2. Proud of you, young man!!!!!
    Chills all over me.
    Keep going!!!!!!
    There is always more room at the top for you!!!!
    May the Almighty continue to bless you, your family, school and all who impact/impacted on you..


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