LUCELEC scholarship programme boasts 25 students

LUCELEC scholarship programme boasts 25 students
LUCELEC scholarship holders 2014
LUCELEC scholarship holders 2014

PRESS RELEASE – Five students were welcomed into the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) Secondary School Scholarship Programme on Saturday August 23, 2014. Their induction at the ninth annual Scholarship Social brings the total number of children in that programme to twenty-five (25).

The Secondary School Scholarship Programme began in 1985 and covers all approved textbooks and supplies, tuition and facilities fees, CXC Examination fees and uniforms. LUCELEC also provides each recipient with a school bag and notebooks.

In reviewing the 2013/2014 academic performance of the scholarship recipients Chairperson of the LUCELEC Scholarship Committee, Ms Miguelle Warner noted two students had performed exceptionally well in the CXC examinations – one of whom would now move on to the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College while the other had phased out of the Programme in pursuit of an undergraduate degree.

New scholarship holders

“For the academic year 2013/2014, seven students were able to successfully meet and exceed the performance standard of the LUCELEC Scholarship Programme which is a 70% overall pass and a minimum grade of 65% in every subject. Additionally, 11 students performed commendably; their overall averages and most of their individual subjects are all above the standard. Unfortunately, 4 students struggled this academic year, two of them are now on academic probation, the remaining two have been dropped from the programme for failing to improve their performance after being placed on probation last year,” says Ms Warner.

The committee also noted an overall improvement compared to last year in the ratings of student attitudes and behaviours at school and noted a direct correlation between the falling grades and low ratings in these areas.

“We are concerned that our scholars would have anything less than A’s for items such as application to studies, conduct and attitude to authority. We expect that you consider yourselves ambassadors of your parents and of LUCELEC at your schools and expect you to emulate the Company’s Core Values (Excellence, Accountability, Caring & Ethics) in all that you do.”

The LUCELEC Scholarship Committee also awarded four students who did not qualify for the Programme with Bursaries. They were also invited to apply themselves in hopes of qualifying for the Programme’s Late Bloomer component which allows students who maintain a 70% average and above to join the Programme during their secondary school education.

The theme for the ninth annual Scholarship Social was, “Building a brighter future through educational opportunities.”


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