LUCELEC linesmen wins Linesman Rodeo competition

LUCELEC linesmen wins Linesman Rodeo competition

4b975748-0bc6-4c55-9717-9eff03cacff6PRESS RELEASE – Linesmen from the St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) have proven they are among the best in the region.

At a recently held Linesman Rodeo organised by The Caribbean Electric Utility Service Cooperation (CARILEC) in St. Lucia, the LUCELEC teams topped the competition that tested their skills, safety standards and speed.

Linesmen install and maintain electrical power lines. Their role, therefore, in ensuring customers have electricity is paramount. The Linesman Rodeo tests on the field of play the skills required to do the job. The CARILEC members participating were from electric utilities in Grenada, St Vincent, the Virgin Islands and Saint Lucia.

LUCELEC fielded one three man team each in the Apprentice and Experience levels of the competition. The Apprentice category is for linesman with 1-4 years’ experience while the Experience category is for those with more than 5 years in the field. Among the events that tested the skills, safety standards and speed of the regional linesmen were “Hurt-Man Rescue”, “Speed Pole Climb”, “Basketball” and “Earth Installation”.

The Board, Management and Staff of LUCELEC have since congratulated its Rodeo team of Tomy Adolph, Ed James, Voldon Hazell, Godwin Brice, Alpheaus Alexander and Wayne Mondesir whose victory reaffirms the company is a leading regional operator in its field.

Two teams from Saint Lucia took part in the competition – LUCELEC and the contractor firm of Williams (a major winner of the individual events). LUCELEC also assisted with setting up the venue, provided ground crew and other support to the organizing committee of the event.

LUCELEC Managing Director Trevor Louisy says both competitors and volunteers deserve high praise.

“We are always happy to do our part to foster regional comradery among electric utilities. LUCELEC was pleased to partner with CARILEC in their hosting of this event and are very proud our teams were victorious. We see this as further demonstration of the safe, efficient and reliable service we provide to our customers as what was tested on the field of play is in effect what our linesmen do in the daily execution of their duties,” says Mr Louisy.

The CARILEC Rodeo was held at Pigeon Island and culminated a week-long linesman training programme put on by CARILEC at the end of November 2015.


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