LUCELEC gives across-the-board sponsorship to Jazz Festival

LUCELEC gives across-the-board sponsorship to Jazz Festival

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) is continuing its gold sponsorship support of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.

The electricity company will contribute cash and electrical infrastructure to main organisers the Saint Lucia Tourist Board.

The relationship between LUCELEC and the Jazz Festival began in 1992 when the very first event was held at the Pigeon Island National Landmark.  At the time, the venue was not electrified, requiring LUCELEC to provide temporary power to organisers.

Since then, Pigeon Island has been added to the LUCELEC grid and the venue powers the main stage festival events. However, LUCELEC has maintained its role of providing additional lighting for security and patrons parking outside the main venue.

The company also provides temporary lighting to many of the fringe events in addition to cash sponsorships.

LUCELEC’s support of Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts extends beyond the main stage to several of the other events that will be held across the island.  For this year, to date, these include the Jazz Sampler, Jazz in the South, Fond D’Or Jazz, Soufriere Jazz, Tea Time Jazz, Jazz on the Grill and Jazz on the Bay (Marigot).

LUCELEC Managing Director Trevor Louisy says the company partners with the Tourist Board because of the economic promise brought by Saint Lucia Jazz.

“Our vision is to be the energy that powers our nation’s success.  In that regard, wherever we can, we encourage and support activities that generate economic activity.  The Jazz and Arts Festival does that in a really big way.  Also, the festival brings a lot of visitors to the island and fills up the hotels, which are some of our biggest customers,” says Louisy.

As a committed partner in the development of Saint Lucia, LUCELEC is therefore pleased to be associated with a product that does so much.


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