LUCELEC employees demonstrate ‘power of caring’

LUCELEC employees demonstrate ‘power of caring’
LUCELEC Volunteers at Lady Gordon Opportunity Centre

St Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) Generation Department is partnering with the Lady Gordon Opportunity Centre.

The collaboration was initiated by LUCELEC Employee Graham King following a sign language course he took at the school.

While there, King recognized the needs of the Ciceron based school – from infrastructure to maintenance and convinced his fellow staffers in the Department to join him in assisting them.

It has now been three years. During that time, thirteen (13) other members of the LUCELEC Generation Department have joined the movement.

To date that core team has repaired and installed software on computers in the school’s Computer Lab, raised funds to replace a short circuited voltage regulator and worked with Courts to give the school a brand new stove.

The company volunteers have also undertaken maintenance jobs, pressure washing walls and stairs, painting, and with the assistance of other volunteers upgraded the playing field.

School Administrator Mrs Linda Preville says the work undertaken by the LUCELEC staff gives staff and students a much needed fresh start to the school year.

“It sets for the tone for the academic year because it always feels like after you have finished one school year, there’s so much that has taken place and you would like to come into a fresh environment. The work in a sense replaces all the negative from the previous year with hope for the year ahead,” says Mrs Preville.

LUCELEC Senior Shift Operation Supervisor Mr Nathanial Deterville says the partnership with the Lady Gordon School puts the company’s core values into practice.

“One of our core values at LUCELEC is caring. What we have done is extend that goodwill to the public. We use our off days, volunteer our time – it also contributes to team building in the Generation Department where the 13 core guys involved in the project work,” says Mr Deterville.

The volunteer group has a number of future plans including a Big Brother programme that will be launched on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. Members will be assigned to a male student at the school in the hopes of giving them guidance and having a positive impact on their life. They are expected to assist in academic and social development, helping with homework while also initiating social activities like going to a movie.

Mrs Preville says this program is critical “because a lot of our boys really lack positive male role models in their lives.”

In addition, a fund raising drive is underway to raise at least $4,000.00 for the school. Mr Deterville says the funds, which will be donated in December, will go towards a Christmas party for the students. He says the annual event has not been held in recent years due to the unavailability of funds – a fact the LUCELEC Volunteer crew want to remedy.


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  1. It's great to see corporate St Lucia coming to the assistance of our less fortunate. That's the spirit LECELEC well done. If each company would adopt one good cause, imagine how much of a dent we can make in the level of need in our society. God bless guys, keep it going.


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