LUCELEC continues to assist calypso tents

LUCELEC continues to assist calypso tents

St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) is continuing its longstanding support of the Creative Industries with sponsorship of the Take Over Tent, Ambassadors, Spectrum, De Calypso Revue and South Calypso Tents.

Chairman of the Ambassadors Calypso Tent, Fitzroy “Bingo” Leon says the LUCELEC funds enable the tents to meet a number of financial commitments including the day to day operations of the tent.

“The funds assist in marketing, administration and paying musicians. We approached the company for sponsorship because we believed LUCELEC is a corporate entity with a contribution to make to the development of the art form,” says Mr Leon.

Corporate Communications Manager Roger Joseph says the support for the calypso tents is part of the company’s broader policy of assistance to the development of the Creative Industries and local cultural activities.

“We see our support for the Creative Industries as helping to broaden Saint Lucia’s economic base in terms of the number of avenues we have to generate economic activity and financial inflows into the country. There is potential to grow our creative industries to the point where it can become a major export for St. Lucia and we continue to do our part to see that happen,” says LUCELEC Corporate Communications Manager, Mr Roger Joseph.

Calypso is an integral part of Saint Lucia Carnival. The musical genre is often referred to as the voice of the people. It is with this in mind that the St Lucia Electricity Services whose own tagline is “power of caring” has provided financial support for these entities.

The Calypso season began mere weeks after the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, another LUCELEC sponsored event ended. To date each of the sponsored tents have held at least one show.

The calypso season culminates with the Calypso, Groovy and Power Soca Monarch finals in July.


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