LUCELEC continues goodwill towards NCF

LUCELEC continues goodwill towards NCF
LUCELEC Corporate Communications Assistant Bernadia Regis hands cheque to NCF Chairman Martin Weekes
LUCELEC Corporate Communications Assistant Bernadia Regis hands cheque to NCF Chairman Martin Weekes

St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited’s newly sworn in National Community Foundation (NCF) Executive Director, Madonna Monrose, described corporate sponsors like the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) as the “lifeblood of the organization”.

She was speaking at the launch of the 10th annual NCF Telethon scheduled for May 26, 2013.

In its continued show of goodwill, LUCELEC presented NCF Chairman Martin Weeks with a financial donation of $30,000 for this year. The contribution was made through the LUCELEC Trust Company Inc., a non-profit established by LUCELEC to manage the Company’s response to requests for assistance or donations to targeted groups such as the NCF.

LUCELEC has long contributed to the NCF, increasing its initial yearly contribution in support of the NCF mandate which is the provision of financial support to the poor and disadvantaged among us.

“Until three years ago, LUCELEC contributed $25,000 annually to the NCF as it had since its inception.  We have since increased that annual contribution to $30,000 in the face of growing need for the services provided by the NCF.  Our contribution goes towards supporting requests for medical assistance, appeals for which we forward to the NCF for consideration,” said LUCELEC’s Corporate Communications Manager Roger Joseph.

The Telethon is the single largest fundraiser held annually by the non-profit organization. This year the aim is to raise $300,000 in donations.

Drawing reference to the tough economic times currently enveloping the world, including Saint Lucia, Monrose encouraged all Saint Lucians to “join the struggle” and contribute to the support of what she says is a growing number of vulnerable and “working poor” defined as employed people whose incomes fall below the poverty line.

“It is the very hard times that we are facing now that makes the NCF even more relevant,” she said.

Corporate social responsibility is one of the tenants the organization uses to solicit support. It is a philosophy LUCELEC embraces contributing annually to the economic, social, cultural, educational and sporting needs of the country from events and activities such as Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival to the National Inter-Secondary School Sports and the National Science and Technology Fair.

The NCF Telethon will be held at the Gaiety in Rodney Bay.


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