LUCELEC achieves perfect safety record in 2013

LUCELEC achieves perfect safety record in 2013
LUCELEC Live Line Crew.
LUCELEC Live Line Crew.

St Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) launched its 18th annual Health, Safety, Environment & Fire Awareness Month on Monday March 3, 2014 under the theme, “Value your Health and Safety – Live Happier and Longer.”

As part of observances, a series of activities to be hosted at all LUCELEC administrative offices have been planned throughout the month of March. They will cover a myriad of topics ranging from mental and financial health to wellness and good eating practices.

The aim of Health and Safety Month is to train staff in safety practices and encourage a culture of safety on the job thereby eliminating reportable work injuries or accidents. These are incidents that lead to an absence of three or more days from work. Since 1996 employees have been working towards a goal of zero reportable injury accidents in any calendar year. This was finally achieved in 2013.

Managing Director Trevor Louisy congratulated staff for the feat and for breaking a number of other safety records.

“As of December 2013 we had worked 499 days without a reportable injury or accident or a lost time injury beating the previous record of 388 days. As of this moment today we have worked 560 days without any lost time incident. That is a record we all should be very proud of,” Louisy said.

The featured speaker at Monday’s launch was Clinical Psychologist Dr. Franklyn Bray who encouraged staff members to “keep your lights on” – focusing on mental health as a tool to ensure good safety practices.

A number of Departments were singled out during the ceremony for their safety record including the Live Line Crew from the Transmission & Distribution Department who was awarded the 2013 Health and Safety Award. The team was recognised for upgrading their live line work techniques – that is, working on the electricity system without switching off the power – and incorporating their new skills into their duties without incident.

The LUCELEC Health, Safety, Environment & Fire Awareness Month ends on March 30, 2014.


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