LPM urges employers to show compassion for the sick


PRESS RELEASE – The leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, acknowledges that the continued downward spiral of the Saint Lucian economy has seriously hurt the bottom line of the many small businesses in the country and states that he does not expect companies that are already underwater to be able to absorb the cost of retaining staff with medical conditions that inhibit their ability to carry out their daily responsibilities.

However, in addressing a number of cases in which sick employees have been terminated, according to Prudent, the same is not true for larger employers in some sectors, such as the hotel industry.

Prudent is calling for compassion on the part of employers who are performing well amidst what is arguably the most sluggish economic condition in the history of our nation.

He states that, while the government of Saint Lucia has failed to fulfill its obligations and responsibility to the people of Saint Lucia by not mandating that the wealthiest employers operating businesses within our nation offer some form of medical safety net to their employees, it would be commendable if those very same employers would act on their own initiative to fill the void that has been left wide open by the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) ineffective system of governance.

Prudent adds that living and working in Saint Lucia has become something of a hopeless experience for the people who are fortunate to maintain employment while battling prolonged illnesses.

Therefore, given our nation’s unending state of economic hardship, which has been consistent from government to government and has become progressively worse in the last 20 years, the current situation must change to allow those among us who are sick to enjoy some sort of peace of mind.


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  1. Again the question of the Labor code architect by the Kenny administration some 8 years past needs to be revisted and enacted. The Labour Party last tme around use to pressure the Flabeau government for stalling the process, what happen now Kenny, do something man


  2. Mr.Prudent I applaud you. St.Lucia needs a leader like you to steer it in the right direction. You seem to be a man of integrity and compassion. I declare you the next PM of St.Lucia.


  3. This is a fundamental error that has to be addressed, too many time people are sick and are being terminated from their jobs with no income to pay their medical bills, topped up with the level of stress they have to endure. I believe the Therol Prudent has started a conversation that need to be continued.


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