LPM to launch International Youth Development Programme

LPM to launch International Youth Development Programme

Confident that the party will perform much better than the inaugural participation in the elections of 2011, the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) continues to infuse the country’s political discourse with innovative ideas which it hopes will result in the emergence of a new government that is armed with a vibrant and practical agenda to broaden the horizons of the nation’s youth.

Therefore, in keeping with the advocacy for “Real Change” to the current ineffective system of governance which has plagued the island’s prospects for economic mobility, the LPM states that if given an opportunity to lead Saint Lucia, it will create an International Youth Development Programme (IYDP) which will expose our young people not only to an invaluable understanding of foreign cultures and better work ethics, but also to a wide range of global industries and their methods of operation, which could prove helpful in improving the manner in which our country transacts business.

Through a system of apprenticeship, which offers a six-week training programme in diverse countries around the world, a total of 150 young person’s between the ages of 18 and 30 years old will be selected annually to participate in the IYDP.

To achieve this goal, the LPM intends to broaden the responsibilities of Saint Lucia’s missions and consulates abroad to include an active drive aimed at coaxing foreign governments, multinational corporations and other world bodies and successful foreign small businesses to offer placements to our island’s youth. The LPM will also mandate that the heads of all missions and consulates appraise the nation of their progress on a quarterly basis.

Finally, in the determination to help spur economic growth in Saint Lucia, the LPM will also broaden the scope of the IYDP to include initial grants and other financial support for participants who have successfully completed the various international programmers and are desirous of using their newly acquired knowledge to start their own businesses in Saint Lucia.


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  1. I'm a young person who is keenly interested in that move, how do I appy or what are the necessary steps to participate in the program?


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