LPM to host convention with message of “Fresh start”

LPM to host convention with message of “Fresh start”


PRESS RELEASE – After months of dedicated planning and active engagement with a wide cross-section of the Saint Lucian citizenry, the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) is proud to announce that its first national convention will take place on Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 at the Grande Riviere Secondary School in Mabouya Valley.

The convention, which will be held under the theme “Saint Lucia Deserves a Fresh Start,” will bring together a total of 170 delegates from around the island.

These delegates, who will thereafter be referred to as the “People’s Congress,” will then move to enact the solemn responsibility of electing an official National Council for the LPM.

Given the current state of affairs in the country, reflected in the alarming unemployment rate of 24.9 percent nationally and a staggering 50 percent among the island’s youth, there is an undeniable need for real change.

The deafening silence of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government—coupled with its inability to expeditiously address the issue of youth unemployment, which could potentially unhinge the stability of our nation in the not too distant future—is frightening.

Meanwhile, the United Workers Party (UWP) has spent the last eight years (2007 to the present, since the death of John Compton) engaging in dirty internal political warfare, which may have not only blunted its effectiveness as a government from 2006 to 2011 but also rendered the party a pathetically inept opposition from 2011 to the present. Without a shadow of a doubt, the UWP bears an equal responsibility as the SLP for the current state of affairs in Saint Lucia.

The onus is, therefore, on the LPM to rescue Saint Lucia from the jaws of the prevailing political and social madness that is rife in our country. As a young but astute political movement, the LPM understands perfectly that it will take more than a series of bellicose calls for the removal of the present government in 2016.

Therefore, to foster an environment for real change in Saint Lucia and to ensure that the island’s next government and parliament are not dominated by the same group of recycled career politicians who have made a personal living out of running for office, the LPM has made the bold decision to open up its internal process to enable fresh blood with new ideas to emerge as the face of the party.

Apart from those who have already submitted their names as nominees to the National Council, the LPM will give full consideration to other fellow Saint Lucians who love their country, who have grown disillusioned with the status-quo mentality and broken promises of both the UWP and the SLP, and who have now opted to be a part of the LPM.

The various positions currently available on the National Council are as follows: Political Leader, Deputy Political Leader, Chairperson, General Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Political Education Officer, Projects Coordinator, International Secretary to the Diaspora, Treasurer, Women’s League Coordinator, Youth Coordinator, and Field Officer. The LPM will begin its final selection of candidates after the convention on August 23rd.

Among several featured events slated for the convention is the introduction of the Unemployment Forum. This segment will highlight the issue of unemployment in Saint Lucia by allowing youth and other citizens who are currently unemployed to tell their personal stories of the hardship and frustration of trying to survive in Saint Lucia.

The LPM will also introduce and adopt a set of policy ideas referred to as the Green Document for Prosperity and Stability in Saint Lucia.

These policy statements are a blueprint of how the LPM intends to govern and will contain a number of practical ideas for job creation, crime management, foreign policy, agriculture and agri-business, education, and health, among other areas. Another notable featured event will be a special address on gender relations.

However, the highlight of the day will be a grand musical presentation by Saint Lucia’s number-one solo group, the Secret Band from La Borne, Gros Islet.

We invite all citizens of goodwill to join us at the convention and to help spread this very important message of “real change” and a “fresh start” for our island home.


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  1. Ro-ro like what most of this population feeds on has no stomach for analysis. Feed them only what they are most happy with. That is why the LPM party has a chance of a snowball in hell in getting even one seat in the next parliament. Too many brain-dead ganja smoking jackass people are roaming the country.


  2. Saint Lucia's two main political parties have pointlessly been selecting people with no sense of economic development, business acumen and management intelligence. Now this is worth a reread and several times. Why?

    The rank and file of membership in the two parties have been fooling themselves with the banal idiocy that persons belonging to certain families, born in a constituency, who went to school with family members, who know where the roads need to be repaired and the lights to be put on lamp posts, plus a university degree are the essential qualifiers for a vote,

    These criteria met, the would-be candidates must belong to the political party that their family has been voting for since that family first went to vote. Note that no mention here is made of management intelligence, economic development and business acumen. It appears that once these people get voted to become the government, these these become part of their skill sets.

    That is why all the blather, frothing and hot air during the next election camapign will be much ado about nothing. That will amount to nothing. Deja vue. Both parties will have as the platform and basis of economic development either famous slogans as "air lift" into Saint Lucia for the UWP, and FDI meaning the construction of new hotels for the SLP. What's in it for the ordinary man in the street or the youth just getting out of school?

    Hotel maids and bell hop jobs, plus some negative balance of payments effects. That is genius behind SLP-UWP end-all, and be-all economic development plan for decades on end.

    Now if Cuba plus the normal competition suck all the air out of these airy fairy tale bubble of these hoped-for developments, which they will most likely do, all we have left is this. More national begging substituted for economic development. Paying for "non-performing" assets emerging out of the serial egregious series of national debt blunderings we know of, which have taken on the characteristic of a mathematical geometric progression from the comical Roachasmell $45 million, "The Emperor has no Clothes" Black Bay Lands Repurchase with a negative ROI $86 million, and to the GRIND-us-into-the-ground-BERG financial Black-hole with no end in sight $500 million plus, and counting.

    LPM is the only party out there that thinks past this malaise of gross stupidity passing for and being touted as modern development ideas, and a gullible majority of the electorate swallowing this SLP-UWP nonsensical Kool-aid like guppies in a fish tank.

    Unfortunately, Saint Lucians will continue to suffer. This is not a learning society. The electorate does not know any better but to keep on doing the same darn thing over and over, yet it expects a different post-election result.


    • The two so-called leaders of SLP and UWP are full of hot air. Just listen to either of them. Neither one of them has one single clue about turning around any type of economy. The best the SLP has done is to borrow and borrow from Peter to pay Paul to get grass cutting no-brains jobs for their followers in the STEP programme. Neither one of these two chasp seems to have ever attended a real business school of any note. Yes. They don't teach common sense at universities. Commonsense is not common. Commonsense is not business intelligence. So why vote must we vote for robots who know only how to mal-parley other people but have no darn intelligence to frame a development plan away from just hoping and waiting for tourists to come to the island? Who benefits but the same jokers without brains who wait in vain for anything but short-lived employment but who treat these two clowning acts as gods. Our stupid voters are born in poverty and die in poverty unless other drug pedlars take them out of their misery.


  3. Fight the fight we need a functioning society again not one where no one is held accountable for errors . Our nation needs LPM . So they definitely have my vote and finicial support


  4. They may not have all the answers, but they seem to approach issues in the right manner. Keep up the good work.


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