UPDATED: LPM to contest one seat on election day

UPDATED: LPM to contest one seat on election day
Therold Prudent
Therold Prudent
Therold Prudent

Given the sudden announcement of election, the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) has decided to contest only one seat at the polls on June 6, 2016.

The LPM had intended to contest at least seven seats, moving up the mark by one, as they had previously contested six seats in the November 2011 election.

LPM Leader, Therold Prudent, will be the sole candidate for the party, who will be contesting in this election.

He will be going up against the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Gros Iselt, Emma Hippolyte and former MP Lenard ‘Spirer’ Montoute.

The LPM Chairman, Martin Phulchere, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Friday that it was a unanimous decision taken by the party council.

‘We plan to put together a fight in Gros Islet for Prudent. We are very confident we will bring Gros Islet home anad we want to encourage other supporters to rally behind party,” he said.

Phulchere said the LPM’s support base has grown tremendously over the past four years, to over 1,200 strong members, because people are disgruntled by two major parties and their policies.

The party decided not to go with the other candidates because the time is too short and they believe they stand a better chance to win the constituency of Gros Islet, LPM Field Officer Devon Jules said.

“Like we’ve said before we would like to see balance of power in the House, to give the people a voice,” he added.

Jules is encouraging all Saint Lucians to go out on election day and vote, and put the country first.

Meanwhile, Prudent said his party will be sticking to its policies and will reveal a manifesto sometime next week.

The LPM has very been vocal on a number of critical issues affecting Saint Lucians and has been encouraging everyone, mainly the younger population to join forces with them.

The party was formed in August of 2010 and just after one year, contested the 2011 elections.

Six candidates contested the elections under the LPM: Prudent (Gros Islet), Felicia Brown (Castries Central), Melanious Alphonse (Soufriere), Phillip Jn Baptiste (Micoud South), Rufus Alexander (Dennery South) and Winifred Actie (Dennery North).

Despite the LPM did not mange to win a seat, the party received 164 votes.


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  1. You know. I am tired of the red rally yellow rally. Loud speakers the Kenny dance and coffins and and.....
    It's a good idea to have independants. In fact we should have 7 or 9 independants running the country. People that can talk and not say thank you my body gave way.... NOT a yellow or red gang.
    People that apply for a job and state their position in the country and actually print their resumay.
    Not promises, cut expenses and increase revenue


  2. I would change the name of the party to lucian peoples party(drop the movement)..... i totally agree wit Daj....u wud hv made a statement if by 2015 u had all candidates presented to the ppl. The fact that u going alone ,especially after reading that they welcomed the date is disheartening. It sends a negative message in my mind bout the party all together.like one man craving desperately for recognition


  3. How serious are you Messrs. LPM ? Sudden announcement ? The Boy Scout Motto is ' BE PREPARED" You should have had a full slate of candidates in place BEFORE the middle of 2015 at which time your Grassroots/Door to Door/Social Media campaign should have kicked off in earnest-you would have made quite a statement. Your leadership is under indictment. Things are very ripe now for a third party to come in a make a difference. There is no reason why you should not be contending for a few seats. The people are sick and tired of the status quo. The quality of the campaigns leave mush to be desired. To say that I am disappointed in the LPM is an understatement.


  4. LPM is a big lie! If it was really a Lucian Peoples Movement, 10 years ago, it would have had at least 51 qualified candidates to choose from, whenever elections were called, to kwaz the musical chairs game that the UWP & SLP have been playing on Lucians, all these donkey years.


  5. That one is a riot ????? lmao!!!! One seat!!!!????? ?????
    Let me sip my tea tun!?☕️


  6. just cannot stop laughing.Prudent you always make my day.Who are you fooling but yourself.All the time you were ready for election now you stand alone you blaming the election date,Come try something else.


  7. Ha ha ha. Last elections you received 164 votes, this time you will get 0. Please give your $500 to charity because for sure, sure, sure you will lose your deposit. You should not even use the name LPM, just say you are an independent candidate. Prudent you should think about leaving politics for ten years now you have been trying to form a Political party, bring down St. Lucians who live abroad to contest, and after so long instead of having a third party you are left like the dog who stands alone. Poor jab go back to the drawing board, you do not have what it takes to be a leader


    • Wow you are some kind of stupid. A man is seeking change for his country and what to you do? Try to bring him down,typical Lucian. I guess whichever party wins St.Lucia deserves because they stand for all the police bs.


  8. boy u realy not making sence,, with your one seat.. you just want to spoil the people election,,,if u want to contest election, find your other 16 candidats,, then u will make sence,,,and stop waisting your time and money. ok


  9. Most, if not all, political parties in Saint Lucia are entirely clueless, in and out of office regarding strategy. We neither have a business culture nor an innovative culture and it shows. We expect the opposition to fall to make our entry real. When will we grow up? I don't know.


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