LPM to announce slate of candidates to contest next general elections in early 2016

LPM to announce slate of candidates to contest next general elections in early 2016
LPM leader Therold Prudent.
LPM leader Therold Prudent.
LPM leader Therold Prudent.

Saint Lucia’s minority political party – the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) said it will announce its full list of candidates to contest the next general elections in early 2016.

Leader of the LPM Therold Prudent said while the party has confirmed nine candidates, they are still trying to finalize the list, which could include more persons.

Prudent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Thursday, December 17 that the slate of candidates will include a mixture of both young and old persons, and will be gender balanced.

“We will be doing it as soon as the holiday ends, because we have several activities planned,” Prudent explained.

The LPM leader said the party will not be taking the same approach as the other political parties to host rallies, specifically because the party is a grass root organisation.

“We do all of our work in the communities that we have an interest in. For example we see Gros-Islet as a must win and flagship for the LPM and we are working there. We will not have the huge rallies and back and forth,” he stated.

Prudent told SNO that his party will continue to concentrate on the issues affecting Saint Lucians and continue to talk about what they plan to do for individual communities.

Meanwhile, several Saint Lucians have taken their concerns to social media expressing their disgust with the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and the United Workers Party (UWP).

Many persons have said that they are tired of the political rhetoric and ‘curse down’ that is taking place, stating that both the SLP and UWP has had their chances to govern and have failed.

Some persons even expressed an interest in voting for the young political movement (LPM).

Asked what he thinks about this, Prudent said he is already seeing movement towards the LPM by persons from both the SLP and the UWP, and more persons from both political parties have approached him.

“We are by far right now the only political organisation in the country that is able to pool persons from other sides. Neither party can attest to that. One or two people might shift here and there, but to say they have pooled from the base from each other’s party, we are not seeing that happening,” he stated.

Prudent said people are optimistic and he is already confident that the LPM will make a major impact in various constituencies in a larger way than people would expect.

The LPM is confident that it will perform much better than it did during its inaugural participation in the elections of 2011.


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  1. PROUDENT OR ABSENTEE PM PLEASE don't make me sick again after i wasted my vote for you in 2011.
    please stay in TRUMP section.


  2. L P M all you ever do is dream, dream.....dream....dream !!!!!!!!
    try in the year 5050.
    your soul might be release from mars.


    • Super flare, you must encourage opposition. To stiffle a national to the year 5050 is tantamount to alienation. I question your love for St Lucia. As true patriots we should have voices and live harmoniouslying.
      Many have fought for sweet Helen - Don't you think we need to preserve and enjoy her her richness together as sons and daughters (gone should be the days of strife and discord).


    • What's your point? They have already gone on record to say that in the last elelction they were simply planting a seeed. In my humble opinion the only way left for Lpm is up.


  3. The LPM is the only flicker of hope left in St.Lucia. The other two parties have sunk this island way below sea level. Keep up the struggle LPM. You have my support!


  4. Hold on tight Mr Prudent don't give up. St lucia needs good men like you and people with innovative ideas. Like most I am tired of the drowning noises that SLP and UWP makes. All this back and fourth roro of he say and she say does not put bread on my table. Time for the circus to end!!!!!!!


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