LPM tells Phillip Pierre to take Guy Joseph to court or shut up

LPM tells Phillip Pierre to take Guy Joseph to court or shut up
Phillip Jn Baptiste
Phillip Jn Baptiste of the LPM.

PRESS RELEASE – Adamant that Saint Lucians deserve better from politicians who are afforded the opportunity to serve in the House of Assembly, the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) caretaker candidate for Micoud South Phillip Jn. Baptiste, has called upon Phillip J. Pierre and Guy Joseph to desist from the destructive politics of personalisation, which has done very little to alleviate the economic suffering of the people of Saint Lucia.

At a time when most Saint Lucians are increasingly unable to find jobs and are struggling to feed their families, no one should continue to tolerate the behaviour of grown men who malign each other’s character but do not have the honesty and intestinal fortitude to allow a court of law to pass judgment on the many vicious claims they make in parliament.

In the matter pertaining to allegations of corruption which Pierre has made against Joseph, Jn. Baptiste strongly believes that the onus is now on Pierre to ask his government to refer the matter to the courts if he truly believes that Mr. Joseph has broken any laws.

However, should Pierre and his government refuse to act accordingly, and thereby allow the court to uphold or dismiss these serious allegations, then it is reasonable to conclude that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Government has willfully misled the people of Saint Lucia through a coordinated parliamentary strategy of engaging in political mischief and the dissemination of propaganda.

In this regard, “I hope, for the sake of the people of Saint Lucia, that this upcoming budgetary exercise is presented in an atmosphere that is free of political drama and refrains from the use of flashing mirrors and smoke screens in an effort to divert the people’s attention,” Jn. Baptiste concluded.


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  1. Bambi does it even matter who the guy is or whether he won his deposit? He is actually bringing forth a good point. You are clearly brain washed with polytricks.

    BA sir, you are a prime example of why politicians are confident in misleading us. We don't care who attacked who first or for whatever reason. This sounds like kids fighting in primary school. If you have an issue and you have the proof take it to court in order for judgement to take it's course; if not please shut up and let's get on with the real issues that are crippling the damn country.


  2. All these dam politicians need to keep calm and stop acting like idiots. Instead of bitting each other heads out,they need to put their heads together and see what they can do to make the country a better place. Try to come up with ways to deal with the spike in crime. UWP/SLP in doesn't matter its our contry, when its goes we all go down with it


    • What does winning or losing a seat have to do with giving advise . You know the amount of jerks who grace the house of assembly?
      To me him losing his deposit is secondary. It's like yesterdays news that have does not predict how well he will do in the future.


  3. Perhaps, you were in another Galaxy when Philip J Pierre made the statement, dear.

    Or perhaps, you have no idea how this whole "thing" started.

    J. Pierre never attacked the "Bus Driver" over his acts of Nepotism. The "bus driver," was the one who constantly kept on harassing and provoking the Minister with his middle school education over and over.

    So, J Pierre armed with documented proof of the "Bus Driver's" dealings, presented the information that he had to the house.

    You are out of touch with what is happening in SLU, Sir.


    • The man has ask for only one thing. If PIP thinks guy has broken laws then take him to court. From reading this press release this is what man is saying. Pip have all of that information and Guy not in facing the music. Who you want to blame? Guy or PIP for not respecting the law and doing "what's right".


      • I am not blaming anyone.
        And i am not sure if this can be brought before the Courts and under what charge or Constitutional Motion.

        However, we have been duped over and over by our own peers, who have one thing in their mind when they parade themselves to ascend to the highest office in this land, to fill their pockets, boast to their family and friends as to their positions, brag about they are Minister "this and that," take long haul flights to places that they only dreamed of.

        The Roseau Dam is a case in point.

        They were so engulfed in their "I don't care attitudes," that a whole dam went unattended for 20+ years.

        We have the worst politicians on the planet.


        • So Kenny lied to all of us about making people pay for town and council? What was all the fuss about if the government knew that their tale was a lie and only dirty politics and its worst?


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