LPM supports ALBA in principle

LPM supports ALBA in principle
LPM leader Therold Prudent
LPM leader Therold Prudent

The Lucian People’s movement (LPM) said that it supports the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) in principle but, it has reservations about a long-term dependence on the organization.

“While the government of Saint Lucia should have engaged in greater consultation with the people of Saint Lucia before joining ALBA, the LPM is behind it in principle”, said Therold Prudent, the leader of the LPM.

Prudent stressed the need for a broader approach to international diplomacy, stating, “The world is a much different place today. Therefore, small countries, including Saint Lucia and the rest of the region, can no longer adopt the cold war mentality of non-engagement with countries that the United States does not agree with. While it is very important to remain an ally of the United States, we must begin to put our nation’s interests ahead of political ideology.”

“Therefore, as long as the nations with which we enter into diplomatic or trade agreements are not state sponsors of terrorism and do not threaten the stability of the region or the rest of the world, we should have the right, without fear or national anxiety, to exercise our sovereignty in the interests of our people, ”he added.

However, the LPM cautioned the government against a long-term dependence on ALBA and PetroCaribe in alleviating the country’s socio-economic problems.

“We must be honest with the people of Saint Lucia by explaining, that the future of ALBA and PetroCaribe remains perilous due to the growing resistance to these social welfare initiatives within Venezuela itself. Therefore, given the fact that the future of ALBA and PetroCaribe is contingent upon the current government of Venezuela remaining in power, Saint Lucia must have a contingency plan in the event that there is a change of government in the near future,” said Prudent.

“While foreign diplomacy, including decisions to participate in trade agreements and organizations, should never be contingent on the internal politics of the member states of any organization, the reality is that, unlike the WTO, or even CARICOM, where there is continuity, in the event of changes in the governance of member states, ALBA and PetroCaribe lack the basic structure for longevity given their heavy reliance on the benevolence of a single member state, namely Venezuela,” he concluded.


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  1. I agree with the writer this time. We need to do what is in our own interest and not allow ourselves to be bullied into decisions that serve other people's interest.

    America is the same country who will criticize and penalise Saint Lucia for taking actions against criminals elements and in the same breathe issue travel advisory to it citizens not to travel to the island because of widespread violence, they are the same ones who are trying to destroy the offshore sector in the region, knowing fully well how many of our economies depend on it. Point is they will do whatever is in their interest with little regard to how it will affect others.

    We should take a page from their book.


  2. I look forward to reading the contract agreement st.lucia signed.In the meantime i will discuss the LPM's release.
    Appartently the LPM has some information and I thank them for sharing it,however I have some questions.
    The LDM said it supports ALBA in principle but has reservations about a long term dependence on the organization.Could the LPM tell us what those are?
    Are those reservations detrimental to the economic health of St.Lucia?
    Is he suggesting that a short term dependence might be more acceptable,and if it is, what are the benefits?
    LPM said a contingency plan is needed in the event there is a change of government in Venuzuela.The plan can only be to be able to pay all the debt in full.ST.lucia will not be in a position to do so.
    Now,why use ALBA,s money (the money from the oil sales to St.lucia)to do whatever you want knowing that at any time you will be asked to pay the full amount also knowing when the demand is made you will not be able to do so?
    how can such a clause in an agreement be beneficial to St.lucia?
    THE best plan is to pay ALBA for its oil in full (do not keep 40 or 60% of the oil revenues,because as soon as you keep it and use it ,it becomes debt)
    The last paragraph provides a reason for ST.lucia to stay away from ALBA because the structure of the organization is one which can crumble at any time(change of government in venuzuela)due to almost complete reliance on one member for the economic survival of the organization.
    Now,does the support in principle include support in practice?
    The idea that St.lucians should have been consulted is one i support.Could the LPM tell us what benefits St.lucia can look forward to as a result of joining ALBA?


  3. I seldom agree with Prudent but i must say he makes sense this time. I think the PM needs to tell us more about the pros and cons of ALBA.


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