LPM supporters to march against unemployment, crime

By SNO Staff

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Therold Prudent – LPM Political leader

Therold Prudent – LPM Political leader

The Lucian People Movement (LPM) is set to embark on a mass protest against the government for its failure to address unemployment, crime and the state of the judicial system.

Leader of the LPM Therold Prudent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Thursday, August 27, that this plan will be solidified when the executive meets on Sunday, September 6.

However, the party executives already have their eyes set on executing this mass protest sometime in late September or early October, Prudent explained.

“We are hoping that the march will bring together a wide range of people, both young and old, who have issues with the justice system and unemployment in this country,” he stated.

Prudent said the party will ask all those affected by the unemployment issue here, to submit their résumés to the LPM headquarters in Gros-Islet.

He said, “The aim is, as the march passes the prime minister’s office, we will stop briefly to allow myself and the leadership of the LPM to go into the office and hand him the résumés.”

The political leader said this will be done in a respectful manner, but noted that the objective is to “drive the message” that Saint Lucians are fed up with the way things are in the country.

The LPM has long criticised the government for its economic policies and not addressing keys issues such as: crime, youth unemployment and judicial reform, among others.

The party had launched an online petition aimed at highlighting the magnitude of the problem and has so far received overwhelming support from many Saint Lucians.

The LPM believes that Saint Lucia is teetering on the verge of a human resource development tragedy if its present course is not remedied with quick and aggressive action.

Statistics suggest that Saint Lucia’s unemployment figures have risen to 24.9 percent and that almost 50 percent of youth between the ages of 15 and 24 years are unemployed.

On the other hand, crime increased by nine percent in the first six months of the year, according to statistics released by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

In the serious crimes category, sexual offenses saw the highest spike, jumping to 21 percent. Firearm-related offenses, which include gun-related murders, also saw a sharp increase of eight percent.

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  1. A third political party brings us an alternative in the political game being played here repeatedly every election. The timing of this march however, gives me the suspicion that we have a new game player.

  2. Saint Lucians are basically very stupid and damnable ignorant people. We are not prepared to take our future into our own hands. We take $100 bills from crooks, jailbirds, legal lawyering lying cheats and shysters at election time and suffer five long years to put in another group of these same types of pieces of shit back into the parliament. We dance La Rose, make jokes and then expect everything to be alright. Look at what is happening in backward place called Choiseul!

    Have you ever recovered from your African slave past?

    Where is your dignity Saint Lucia? Do you have any at all? In fact, did you have any at all?

    What a disgustingly shameless society of whites, mulattoes and African ex-slaves this been from colonization right up to this point in time!

    • I felt your pain when the professor played this video in business class. Cut and paste to see it.


  3. join the movement my fellow comrades march for freedom march for your children future march for this great nation which we all call home st.lucia which i love so much is on the brink of collapse our very civilization is collapsing as well we car killing,rapping each other march my people you have a voice use it...

    • Be careful what u wish for.

      • Should this be considered a threat against the LPM? How comes i did not hear you give Kenny the same advise when he was marching left right and centre against King. And how about Chastanet he could have a peaceful march but the LPM can't? Choops. Is there a threat against others and none against others? Go get a life.

    • A march is MOST DEFINITELY NOT a solution to our deep-seated economic and the crime problems coming in its wake.. As I see it, this is just plain old-fashioned politicking. That was all Kenny had last time around. The only thing is that our low-=information processing hordes don't know this. Look at what he has given us for all those marches and the huffs and puffs of blowing down the house of UWP.

      Exponential financial blundering! 4, 8, 15, 50, Check the pattern.

      Rochmel, $45 million. Black Bay Crown Lands, $86 million. Secret deal with Grynberg, $156 million plus $500 million plus lawyers' fees to settle. What is this pattern of gross financial blundering telling us?

      At this rate, the next financial blunder by this joker may well cost us as Saint Lucians, $ 1 BILLION DOLLARS! That is one billion dollars with a capital "B".

      At this rate too, we and our children's children will be paying for the joker's whims and fancies who played "Roll and Tumble" with government finances and money for years, will burden coming successive governments under the weight of trying to pay down these non-developmental debt obligations. UWP, LPM and SLP have nobody in there who can articulate a credible future plan to manage this ludicrous pattern of idiotic government expenditure. Nobody. Just nobody challenges them to do that anyway. So we are going into another election, just talking and doing the usual and same old crap. Saint Lucia, I tell you is idiot country!

      • Jason of Ti Colon

        Can you in your heart of hearts continue to vote for such financial nonsense either at the official party level, at the constituency level, or in a general election? Do have an excuse?

        The economic cost of keeping such charlatans to enable themselves to reappoint themselves again as ministers of finance to perpetuate this continuing economic and financial disaster is a sickening outrage!

        Down with mediocrity and proven political clowns and empty-headed shate-shooters like mate and Chasenet!


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