LPM speak out on Francois affair

LPM speak out on Francois affair

After assessing the fallout over the news that Saint Lucia’s commissioner of police, Vernon Francois, was recently barred from flying to the United States and had subsequently been sent on administrative leave for some 400 days by the administration of Dr Kenny Anthony, the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) said that much of the embarrassment caused could have been averted had the prime minister and his government been forthcoming with the people of Saint Lucia from the onset.

Only after the matter became public was the government forced to admit that the issues were serious and complex. The government further stated that the prime minister would address the situation on a date to be announced. These comments, and the government’s lack of transparency, did little to inspire confidence in its handling of the situation.

According to the LPM, “There were just too many mixed messages that, at the time, appeared evasive. It seemed that our government had not fully comprehended the seriousness of the issue.”

The LPM said that this may have been responsible for fuelling the rumours that caused much embarrassment, not only to the commissioner of police but also to the government and people of Saint Lucia.

The LPM said that the prime minister should immediately address the issue and inform the nation of the truth about what transpired. The people, noted the LPM, should always be treated with the utmost respect regarding matters pertaining to national security.


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  1. You can say las parlay majjee until your tongue drop but you can't say they don't make sense. Name calling in amoung St Lucians are for fools.


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