LPM reiterate its call for religious leaders to do more


(PRESS RELEASE) – Fearing there may be a direct link between the adverse economic situation in the country, and the sharp rise in suicide cases, the leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent , has issued a call to the religious community to accept a greater role in calming the spirit of despair which currently grips our nation.

In making his plea for greater spiritual involvement in the lives of those who are not sufficiently endowed to weather the blistering burden of social discord and economic hardship which is destine to claim more lives, the LPM leader is adamant that no responsible religious organization can ill afford to ignore the urgency of the moment.

When you have a small nation where a 165,00 people have waited in vain all their lives for the prospects of a better Saint Lucia, and only to have their hopes dashed by politicians who are grossly deceitful, and are more interested in pursuing narrow partisan agendas that are adverse to the economic interest of the country, one must expect that at some point the rivers of frustration will eventually burst wide open and thus result in unintended consequences.

Therefore, given the current state of affairs in the country, Prudent is of the view that since Saint Lucians are not immune from the historical consequences of what usually occurs in nations where prolong social and economic depression have often prompted citizens to take their own lives, or to even riot, this may well be an opportune moment for all spiritual leaders and other religiously affiliated organizations to broaden their outreach programs so as to reach the most vulnerable among us.

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  1. The LPM is "yesterday's man."

    They have once again re-affirmed that by breaking the golden rule of not mixing Church and State.

    Or perhaps he's converted to Islamm which would explain a lot about his past behaviour this year.

    Is he attempting to lead an Islamic revolution here? Someone should be looking into that.

  2. These jokers made the Church a hateful place. The vulgarity that passes for worship makes these people every day even less credible. Nobody listens to these discredited people anymore.

    Now, this single person pressure group is no party. This writer is just trying to get LPM some free publicity.

    As a potential party LPM blew its chances a long ago. Every passing year the cobwebs continue to grow. It is past the time to bow out gracefully. If you are not growing, you are dying.

  3. Religious leaders, like the politicians in St. Lucia have also receive a failing grade: F

  4. Some of those hypocrites are the cause of some of the problems.

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