LPM questions government’s support for new Taiwanese leader

LPM questions government’s support for new Taiwanese leader
LPM Leader Therold Prudent.
LPM Leader Therold Prudent.

Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) Leader Therold Prudent has questioned whether the Saint Lucia government will withdraw its ambassador to Taiwan following the election victory of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Prudent recalls that the current administration was critical of the DPP in the past, and is therefore wondering, whether this will change now that the DPP has been elected to office in Taiwan, and whether there will now support the DPP’s policies.

“While I don’t expect that there will be any changes in diplomatic relations between Saint Lucia and Taiwan, we have a government that repudiated the DPP and use to applaud the fact that the former President of that party had been jailed,” Prudent stated.

The LPM leader also recalled when the former President of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou visited Saint Lucia last year and was allowed to speak to a gathering here, the LPM asked that the government make a petition on his behalf, because of his partisan stands.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

“You told us back in 2011 that you are going to maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan because the former President that you liked and loved preferred the one-China policy which is what you adopted. What are you going to do in the next few days?,” he questioned.

The DPP, he stressed, does not recognise the so-called one-China policy and would prefer outright independence, which seems impossible at this time.

“However are you still you are going to accept their money…Are you concerned about money, money, money and not concerned about the image and integrity of our country?,” he added.

Tsai Ing-wen, leader of the opposition DPP in Taiwan, won the presidency with 56.1 percent of the vote, after eight years under the government of the pro-China Kuomintang (KMT) or Nationalist Party.

Tsai Ing-wen will be Taiwan's first female President.
Tsai Ing-wen will be Taiwan’s first female President.

Tsai’s DPP has traditionally leaned in favor of independence for the island from mainland China.

That could anger Beijing, which views Taiwan as an integral part of its territory that is to be taken by force if necessary. Beijing has missiles pointed at the island.

Taiwan’s freewheeling democracy stands in sharp contrast to China’s one-party state, and a cast of colorful candidates are contesting seats — they include an ex-convict, an alleged spy and the front man of Asia’s biggest death metal band.


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  1. I think Mr Prudent is making the point;   that not only does PM Kenny want his bread buttered on both sides but he wants everyones butter on his bread.


  2. Bravo Mr Prudent. They cant knock you out the park no matter what they try. Take the message to them amd let them call you irrelevant. The rest of us however find you veey relevant.


  3. This man is beginning to expose himself as one who very irrelevant and very visibly unsuitable as the leader of political party. To do some justice and spare St Lucia some embarrassment he should voluntarily vacate the post and allow someone more in tune with issues that matter lead the party. In this way the democracy he claim to stand for will have a for more better of chance thriving and not the division and partisanship your words and actions seem to foster.

    Trying to second guess which party the SLP support is a useless and un productive exercise whose end result if anything is to sow seeds of political discord whose ends result is civil unrest. Wouldn't it have been a bit more mature, respectable or prudent to allow the government to reveal its position and then criticize? Perhaps that type of politics is too honest too clean for Mr Prudent or is it a reflection of his inability to engender and part take in meaningful debate?

    What does it matter anyway if the SLP decides to support the newly elected government in Tai Wan? Mr Prudent should know politics is a game of alliances and so there is nothing that say these two governments can't accommodate each other. Mr Prudent is again taking the same position he took when St Lucia and Venezuela signed the Petrocaribe agreement. Mr Prudent are you anti-St Lucian? Will such concern ever surface in cases such as elections in the UK or the USA? What difference does it make whether it is the Democrats or Republicans who are in office? What difference does it make whether it is the Labour Party or the Conservatives in power in England? In both instances it makes no difference to you who is and who is not in power. The idiot in you should allow others that right. In the mean decide what you are: St Lucian or not!


  4. Very astute Therold. These are the kinds of questions we should ask our leaders. This just goes to show how they should be more diplomatic and circumspect in their statements in the political arena. But then again Kenny is famous for foot-in-mouth disease.

    Well done Mr. Prudent


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