LPM proposes teaching conflict resolution in schools

LPM proposes teaching conflict resolution in schools
LPM Leader Therold Prudent
LPM Leader Therold Prudent

Leader of the Lucian People’s Movement Therold Prudent has proposed that conflict resolution is introduced as part of the curriculum in schools on the island.

With the country’s homicide rate at its highest in history, Prudent said that teaching youngsters how to deal with conflict could help address the issue.

“Given the fact that our young people who nowadays they’re trying to settle petty arguments and quarrels with stabbings and gunshots and firing of weapons and all of this stuff, it is important. So you start that from a very early age [and] maybe we cannot reach those who are already gone but we have an opportunity here in this country to change our perspective in terms of how young people deal with conflict situations,” he said to DBS Television News.

“And so I am saying that no child, moving forward, here in this country should be permitted to graduate without learning or demonstrating tolerance and proving that they’re able to deal with situations that are beyond their control,” Prudent stated.

Saint Lucia has recorded 54 murders for the year.

In an attempt to try to address the situation, a crime symposium organised by National Security Minister Hermangild Francis was held on Friday, November 24 at the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy’s Conference Room at Union.

However, Prudent believes that unless the “troublemakers” themselves and a large section of the population are not able to participate in a crime symposium of that nature, the results of it will be less than its full potential.

“The only time I will believe that the minister Mr. Francis is serious is if … he reaches out to a broad section of the St. Lucian community and that he includes the average man… even those who are troublemakers here in our country. We need to understand [and] reach out to those young people and finally understand why they do the things they do and so that we can better deal with the situations as they arise,” he said.

“It must not just be something where whoever he thinks in his mind are the right persons that should sit at the table. As a matter of fact, I am not even asking for a table. Let’s take it to the Daren Sammy Ground. Allow St. Lucians to be critical of their government [and] allow St. Lucians to give advice. Allow St. Lucians from all walks of life to air once and for all, their grievance in terms of the crime situation here in this country,” Prudent said.


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  1. Mr Prudent, take some time out of your busy schedule and get a copy of the Social Studies and Health and Family Life Education curricula, especially the Health for grades k to 6. Go through it and you will discover that conflict resolution is being taught at the schools.


  2. LPM leader how about teaching conflict resolution at home instead. Dont teachers have enough on their plate already with no salary increase in sight. Are chen...


    • The first teachers are the parents and family long before children receive community schooling. If parents are unable to deal with conflicts adequately iand intelligently or create an environment for emotional growth and intelligence then the role falls back on the community and the school. Education is not all academic. There is also, the social and emotional aspect that must be embraced to create rounded individuals with resilience, and who can handle difficult emotions without reaching for cutlasses, guns or their fists


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