LPM open to dialogue with other politicians

LPM open to dialogue with other politicians
Therold Prudent
Therold Prudent

Despite the ongoing political ramblings, Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) Political leader Therold Prudent have stated his willingness to have dialogue with other politicians to discuss a way forward for Saint Lucia.

Prudent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that his party understands that change can’t come about simply because of the LPM, but it must take a collective effort to make Saint Lucia a better place.

“We are keeping our options open, to work with other like minds of other political organizations, who believe that the country should be placed first and not the interest of the political parties,” he explained.

Prudent said while the LPM is open to dialogue, it must be with persons who share the party’s philosophy or who share political ideas of progress for the country that is closest to the LPM.

It has been long speculated that several politicians of the United Workers Party (UWP), especially those who once held senior positions within the party, has had plans to join forces with the LPM.

However, this was never confirmed and to date no one has come out to speak on the matter. There is also speculation that a few so-called political rejects plans to form an independent party.

Meanwhile, Prudent has also expressed confidence that the LPM could affect the outcome of the next general elections which is constitutionally due in 2017.

Prudent said for persons who remain close-minded and have already dismissed the party because they perceive the LPM will perform just the way they did in the 2011 elections, they are being misled.

“Whether or not they want to admit it, we know that the LPM is going to be in play in several constituencies here in the country in a larger way than people expect,” he told SNO.

He used Anse La Raye as an example, where the LPM is actively engaging the people, explaining that while Gros-Islet remains the flagship constituency, there are others that the LPM hopes to impact.

“There is a mode of optimism among a lot of the people and we are seeing it every day,” he ended.

Prudent told SNO in a recent interview that the LPM will be announce a slate of candidates to contest next general elections in early 2016, which could include more than nine individuals.


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  1. Prudent: Let me tell you straight; you will never make it and it is better

    Prudent, let me tell you straight, and that's a fact, you are a bit stubborn.
    You have your own mind set and you will not listen. You will not make a
    dent in this election coming, so why not join one of the main Parties and
    maybe you can end up with a good job at the consulate office in New York.
    Think about it, and if you do as I suggest, I will put in a good word for you.

    Merry Christmas.


  2. Why to go LPM. Show them that you all are not stuck in your ways and that you are committed to pushing the country forward in a better direction. To me the best thing that could ever happen for St Lucia is a parties working together in the better interest of the country.


  3. mr.prudent you organized a match sometime ago persons didnt come u cancel the match if you had truly love this country u would of match by urself you didnt which means ur not brave to run this country and also where have you been men u cant come to this country talk some crap and then live now i guess you see that what you trying to do is not working now u want dialogue...u not ready men st.lucia wants a tru leader


    • All of you all that talking crap can't walk for a day in Peudent's shoes. I have never come across a man with more courage and intestinal fortitude as this man.


  4. No matter how nice y'all put it LPM is and will remain irrelevant in St Lucia politics. Prudent is a by product of the UWP and will not offer St Lucians anything new but the usual rhetoric and bs commonly associated with UWP politics. Ok what if you win your seat in Gros Islet. Tell me what better can you do for the constituents of Gros Islet than Guy Joseph is already doing for his constituency. Nothing but Talk crap!

    It has been said that if you put lipstick on a pig.....it's still a pig!


  5. This is the first sign of deep realism in politics on the part of the LPM. LPM should have long ago joined or engaged one of the major parties or very capable independent NATIONALISTS on a practical level.

    LPM can be a very good coalition partner. Coalition government is what will save us today. Neither of the major parties have a monopoly on great candidates. Some with the leadership titles are questionable as PM material when the cabinet has to be a cabinet of equals.

    This has not been so, because our non-educated, non-reading and non-learning population and electorate refuse to dump the idea that a representative must be born in the area to represent a constituency. So any Tom, Dick and Harry whether able or not, is thus regarded as more suitable a candidate, than any other to represent the area. When given a ministry, it is clear that such are almost always at the very deep end.

    They do their best. Consequently, we lose millions upon millions of dollars to waste, and with some very obvious cases of pure corruption, while supporters are given priority over more sensibly effective proposals, and/or better efficiently capable Saint Lucians.


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