LPM: “Move past the fading appeal of SLP and UWP”

LPM: “Move past the fading appeal of SLP and UWP”

The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) remains resolute in its commitment to offering our nation a clear and decisive alternative to sixty years of economic mismanagement at the hands of both the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and the United Workers Party (UWP).

After months of unending political warfare and immaturity within the UWP, compounded by the actions of an SLP government that has mercilessly taxed the poor masses of our country and failed miserably to deliver on its promise of “better days,” the people of Saint Lucia deserve to be rescued from the abuses meted out by these two political organisations.

Therefore, the time to sever ties with these relics of the past and resist their undue demands for your loyalty is now.

We urge you, the people of Saint Lucia, to move past the fading appeal of the SLP and the UWP, which is temporarily revived at the start of each election cycle for the sole purpose of winning elections, by opting instead for the LPM, a party that is alive with ideas of how to fix our nation and finally deliver bread to the tables of all Saint Lucians regardless of their political affiliation.

The time to change the political trajectory of the nation is now. Consequently, we call upon all Saint Lucians to become part of a positive movement for change and to ensure that there will always be a seat at the table of governance for all, including those who did not vote for the LPM.


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  1. I don't know why people insist on sniping from the sidelines. Too many of you are sheep. You'd vote for a dog crap if it had a yellow/red rosette on it. Not enough think critically and have the capacity to change your mind because you cannot accept that your beloved yellow/red dog crap is a borbolist/incompetent.

    LPM are a welcome counterbalance and are providing a good alternative voice. If they even act as a catalyst to make the other two raise their game, then they have done the nation a great service.

    Keep up the good work fellas. Don't let the naysayers knock you off course.


  2. Lpm u just don't know but there are loads of people waiting to join the bamgwagon. U can count me in .
    forget the loosers


  3. the LPM leader spent years with the UWP and instead he had stood with the people he ran to the US and now he is coming as though he sympathize with them or has a solution to the crisis that our fair Helen faces, not just fair Helen but globally.


    • Thats typical small minded majee you talking there. When he left the country like most of us to earn an education did he leave as a private citizen or as government minister.
      Why don't you take that issue to the door steps of Kenny Anthony who served as a minister of government but could not take the heat of the 1979 leadership crisis and feld to Guyana.
      He spent 15 years there advising Burnam and look at where he took St Lucia.


  4. why don't you join the people in their struggles. come and live here try and find a job to help your family, then i'll join u.


    • why are you so nervous if you think they don't have a chance. If that new party dont stand a chance we all will see. Calm your nerve.


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