LPM mourns loss of its chairman

LPM mourns loss of its chairman
LPM's Therold Prudent (left) and Martin "Bob" Phulchuere.
LPM's Therold Prudent (left) and Martin "Bob" Phulchere.
LPM’s Therold Prudent (left) and Martin “Bob” Phulchere.

PRESS RELEASE – It is with great sadness we announce the passing of our chairman, Mr. Martin “Bob” Phulchere. His dedication to the ideals of the LPM will forever live in our collective memories.

Your love of country was never in dispute, and it was this passion for a better Saint Lucia that moved you to take a courageous stand and be counted.

And yes, while you did not live long enough to witness the true transformation of our country into one where our leaders place the interest of the citizens of Saint Lucia above their narrow desire for political opportunism and self aggrandizement, rest assured that the journey we began on August 22, 2010, will never be abandoned.

In fact, the battles we have fought were never about ourselves but was defined instead by the courage we displayed ( in offering a voice to a minority who desired real change) against a mighty and entrenched political establishment who have refused to acknowledge the perils facing our nation, and that political diversity is an assert and not a defaming of our electoral process.

The children of Gros Islet and Saint Lucia will miss you immensely for all you have done to brighten their lives. From the many Christmas parties, the community movie nights, your help in delivering hundreds of free backpacks and school supplies, the community concerts and many other social activates too numerous to mention will forever remain a part of their childhood memories.

Finally, while our hearts are filled with pain, and our tears fall like torrents of rain, we are comforted by your unselfish example of team work which you so eloquently taught us.

To your biological family we wish to extend our sincere condolences and pray they comforted during this moment of immense grief.



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  1. Condolences to his family and friends, and the LPM Family. May he rest in perfect peace. Your legacy will forever be cherished and remembered, fly with the angles ?????


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