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LPM leader speaks out against redrawing electoral boundaries


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Therold Prudent – LPM Political leader

PRESS RELEASE – The leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, has indicated that his party will stand in full opposition to any move by the Boundaries Commission to redraw the boundaries of the Gros Islet constituency ahead of the 2016 election.

Prudent has also warned that should the Commission proceed with its plans to subdivide Gros Islet, it can expect the LPM to make the next election a referendum against representational aloofness, blatant laziness and ineptitude.

In a scathing rebuke aimed at the proponents of constituency boundary changes, Prudent argues that while the population in the north of the island has no doubt surpassed that of other constituencies, what Gros Islet needs at this time is a committed and transformational representative who has new ideas regarding how to revitalise local government, further develop the expanding constituency and lay the proper framework to allow for the creation of new jobs and for other educational opportunities to take root throughout the constituency.

This representative must be passionate about working with and for the people in order to address the widening social decay and thereby improve the current channels through which valuable social services are delivered to the various communities within the present borders.

Prudent adds that instead of rushing into a premature exercise of gerrymandering, which is essentially an act of abusing the Saint Lucian constitution to achieve a desired political outcome, the constituency would have been better served if the Boundaries Commission had simply taken the time to consult with the people on whose behalf it claims to be acting.

If the Boundaries Commission had taken the time to dialogue and consult with the people, as most professional bodies operating within a democracy do, it would have discovered that a significant majority of the people of Gros Islet have absolutely no interest in entering into a political arrangement which would essentially increase the number of constituencies.

Such a move would place further strain on the already bloated public purse, which can hardly support the salaries and perks dished out to the current ministers of government, opposition members of parliament and senators.

Finally, while the LPM leader and prospective candidate for Gros Islet does not in any way underestimate the enormous challenges associated with representing the constituency, he states that those who wish to pursue a constitutional argument as to why the constituency of Gros Islet should be subdivided are shamefully seeking to protect their own political interests because they have run out of ideas regarding how to provide effective representation to the people of Gros Islet.

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  1. what was wrong with my comment? Why has it not gone up?

  2. The government is not foolish to cut the constituencies now. Timing is not right and government itself is very unpopular at this time. The LPM is therefore blowing only hot air.

    • AA, what that have to do with LPM? You should ask Kenny why he started the debate on facebook and why he asked the governor general to look into it. If there is someone blowing hot air then its kenny.LPM just doing what any responsible party should.

  3. And Maybe Mr. Prudent will not lost his deposit it's cut this time around (home and away candidate)he can never win the Gros Islet seat even it's cut or not, what he should he do is come home and face the music and maybe be might stand a chance

    • I don't know about this one. You will be surpise to learn that his numbers in the place is rising. Anything is possible and right now I won't discount him. Only a fool would.

    • @Kenny, you and the UWP have failed this country! Time for change.

  4. This may be a smart move to benefit the SLP but I don't see how its benefits the people of St Lucia. Then again it could all backfire causing them to lose the very seats they are trying to hold on too.

  5. I support your argument.I have always say the larger constituencies need two public servants to act as assistant to the district rep. in catering for the needs of the people.This will not increase the public purse.


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