LPM leader saddened by death of Ebony Darius

LPM leader saddened by death of Ebony Darius

As a parent myself, and one who hails from Gros Islet, I am deeply moved by the untimely passing of Ebony Darius and cannot even begin to process the tremendous pain and anguish that her family is currently experiencing.

I pray for the day when the young people of our nation will choose life over death and not give into the temptations of despondency and depression, which evoke irrational judgments.

On behalf of the LPM family, I offer our deepest condolences to the family of Ebony Darius and to the people of Piat and Grande Riviere by extension.

May the Lord comfort you in this moment of human tragedy by binding your wounds and restoring peace and happiness to your community.


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  1. It is a spiritual warfare that is going on right now. The Evil one and his cohorts are on earth roaming to capture the hearts of all gods people. People who are familiar with the scriptures Will remember Job"s story. When god ask the Evil One where he has been. His reply I have been roaming the earth. He found a great man who god had blessed with all materials goods. But he did not know that god had already captured Jobs heart. Job was tortured lost every. But his Faith in the Almighty saved him. St. Lucians remember the foundation of faith you were raised on. Keep God in your hearts and resist the Evil One. God Bless.


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