LPM leader defends Dr Lewis

LPM leader defends Dr Lewis
LPM leader Theo Prudent
LPM leader

Castries, St.Lucia—In assessing the allegations made against Dr Robert Lewis by the Leader of the United Workers Party, Mr Stephenson King, concerning the alleged termination of school bus drivers who once found gainful employment with the Ministry of Education, the political leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) Therold Prudent says, that while he remains deeply troubled about the direction in which the country is headed, and does not discount that this government (led by Dr Kenny Anthony) may have in other areas engaged in acts of victimisation against citizens suspected of not having supported the St. Lucia Labour Party, he refuses to accept that Dr Robert Lewis would ever stoop to such practices of unfairness.

According to Mr Prudent, “The Robert Lewis I have known for the last 30 years does not have and never has had a bone of vindictiveness in his body. From our days together as secondary school colleagues to this present day, I have yet to find any negative characteristics in Dr Lewis that would suggest that he harbours any personal contempt for persons who do not support or do not ascribe to the SLP’s political philosophy. His view towards the development of our country has always been a progressive one, borne of humility and a sense of fairness, and hopefully one that will not change or become tainted by an exalted state of pompousness, and the kind of partisan arrogance that has often defined past ministers of the government in Saint Lucia, including some in this present administration.”

Mr Prudent says that while he is not blinded to the fact that historically, ministers of governments are often politically disposed to award jobs and other valuable governmental benefits and privileges to their personal friends and supporters, and is not dismissive of Mr King’s concerns of victimisation, Prudent says, he has no doubt in his mind that Dr Lewis will ensure that the process of hiring is fair, and based on a system of meritocracy.


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